The Artment x Rivaayat: A Collab that Celebrates Local Terracotta Artisans!

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Terracotta pottery is an art.

Earth is moulded into beautiful shapes, potentially any item, and can be used for a variety of purposes.

You probably won’t believe us, but Terracotta is an Italian word for “baked earth”!

Now you’re wondering, how can something so desi, so Indian have a name that’s Italian?


The Artment x Rivaayat: A Collab that Celebrates Local Terracotta Artisans!



Hey, before we go down this road, this is the official announcement for The Artment x Rivaayat Collection!

Back to the point, the art of firing clay is not just Indian. It has been used around the world since 200 BC. Skilled potters create items from a clay-based unglazed ceramic material which retains its natural, brownish-orange color.

As for terracotta being used in India, the first proof can be seen from various locations of the Indus Valley. The art has since been a great part of our history, culture, and heritage.

The magic of terracotta comes alive as it incorporates the 5 crucial elements:

  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Water
  • Ether

While terracotta today may have become a hobby for most people around the world, a large portion of the Indian population depends on it to earn a livelihood. You’ll find these terracotta artisans in almost every village, town, and city of India.

Now you know where The Artment got the idea of collaborating with Rivaayat?

The Artment x Rivaayat: A Collab that Celebrates Local Terracotta Artisans!


Story Behind the Collection

As a homegrown brand, The Artment had long been waiting for an opportunity to dive into the world of terracotta and give these artists a place to showcase their talent, and earn a living.

To our surprise, the opportunity presented itself as a student-run initiative, Connecting Dreams Foundation – SRCC. The students call it a social entrepreneurship that aims at developing rural India.

What better time to help terracotta artisans boost their sales than a pandemic?

We collaborated with Rivaayat, a Connecting Dreams Foundation – SRCC venture into Terracotta pottery, to create some beautiful products. Rivaayat’s talented bunch of terracotta artisans were able to provide us with some amazing products that we want to share with you.

Check out our Rivaayat Collection.


The Artment x Rivaayat: A Collab that Celebrates Local Terracotta Artisans!


Terracotta is a super traditional art form, that has the ability to be combined with a contemporary style of design, and make it even better.

And since our very talented bunch of terracotta artisans were up for a challenge, they brought to life some Minimalistic inspired terracotta products. Sitting by the potters’ wheel for hours and hand crafting each item from The Artment x Rivaayat collection, our passionate artisans help you come closer to nature!


Making of Terracotta

Probably one of the most fascinating processes out there, making terracotta items requires dedication and patience. You can observe both of these qualities in our skilled potters.

It is a legacy that is passed down through generations, as it was with one of our very talented potters, Giriraj. It is because of potters like him that we’ve been able to bring to you an oh-so-gorgeous collection!

Driven with passion, Giriraj and potters like him can change the face of ordinary clay, by shaping it with a lot of love and passion. Once the desired shape is created, the clay is left to dry in the sun to harden.

Once dried in the sun, the items are baked in an earthen oven, or fired in a kiln. This is when the true beauty of terracotta begins to shine through!


Benefits of Terracotta

The Artment x Rivaayat Collection of terracotta products has a bunch of benefits that will surely want you to invest in them!

  • The porous nature terracotta allows air circulation the walls of the product – perfect for water bottles as it keeps the water cooler
  • Great for succulents and cacti (plants that grow in drier soil)
  • The aesthetics that terracotta ads to a home decor is unmatched
  • Cleaning of terracotta is super easy
The Artment x Rivaayat: A Collab that Celebrates Local Terracotta Artisans!


Why Choose The Artment x Rivaayat Collection

Our collaboration made it possible to do TWO very important things:

  1. Help out our fellow Terracotta Artisans
  2. Bring to you a beautiful range of Contemporary and Traditional Terracotta products

We’re going Vocal for Local!

Are you?


If you're trying to figure out what color palette would go with your newly passion for terracotta....


The Artment x Rivaayat: A Collab that Celebrates Local Terracotta Artisans!
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