7 Tips on How You can Make a Small Room Look Bigger

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Buying a house has become tough in the recent years. The sky-rocketing costs in the real estate sector have sent people into buying smaller homes that fit into their budget.

The ceilings just aren’t that tall, the rooms not big enough, and forget about the idea of having an open space.

That being said, just because you have less carpet area available, does not mean you can’t have a great home decor.

At Artment, we understand the need to make a small-ish room look and feel bigger.

Let’s take a look at the tips and tricks you can use!


  1. Light and Right Colors

When you really begin to think about it, you’ll realize that medium tone colors tend to make room look smaller. Instead, if you were to incorporate a bright white with a deep color to create a contrasting look, the entire scenario would change.


As for our home decoration tip, we say white paired with the deeper shades of greens, reds, and blues would do the trick. Check out the Pantone shades to get a little more clarity.


7 Tips on How You can Make a Small Room Look Bigger 


  1. Larger Decorative Items

Hear us out! Instead of piling up a bunch of small things in your already small rooms, pick out some large, and statement pieces. When you have too many small things lined on your console table, its easy for them to look messy. Alternatively, you should limit one accent to one table.


Here’s a little something we recommend from our home decor website. The Rustic Mystic Deer Bookend Set can be used either to accentuate a table top, or have it hold books like it’s meant to.


Rustic Mystic Deer Bookend Set- Ebony


  1. Purchase Multi-Functional Furniture

Not everyone out there is a minimalist. We have our choices and we own a lot of things. Storage in smaller homes becomes a problem. When you buy furniture with storage space, you can easily declutter your spaces.


  1. Lamps to Spread Light

When you have a small room but multiple light sources, the room naturally feels like its bigger. This especially helps if there is limited source of natural lighting.


The Art Deco Aliza Lamp will add that soft glow to your home decor and make you feel cozy.


Art Deco Aliza lamp


  1. Long and Light Curtains

If you happen to have large windows, you should be purchasing full length curtains. When you do this, it creates an illusion the ceiling is at a higher level than it really is. And make sure that the curtains aren’t made from a heavy material, since this would reverse the effect.


7 Tips on How You can Make a Small Room Look Bigger


  1. Large Mirrors

Every home decoration tip will tell you that reflective surfaces are a great way to make a room feel bigger. That’s because it’s true. The trick here is to place a mirror, in fact a large mirror, on a wall that does not get enough natural light. This will create an illusion of having more area.


Our Hazel Mosaic Mirror is the perfect option for an organic, subtle, yet stylized look.


Hazel Mosaic Mirror


  1. A Large Statement Piece of Furniture

In an ideal home decor situation, it would be better to buy a comfortable sofa that can sit 3 to 4 people and then add one for 2 accent chairs rather than opting for multiple accents chairs. The same concept would apply to your bedroom. A king-size bed would make the room look bigger than a queen-size bed.


We’re here to help you if you need anything.

That’s all the tips from our end!

Let us know in the comments if you have any ideas on how to make a room look bigger!

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  • Valencia

    Great ideas for new apartments with overall tiny spaces

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