5 Simple Ways to Elevate a Home with Neutral Decor!

Everybody loves neutral tones for their home.

These include colors like ivory, beige, black, grey, shades of white, and taupe. Now, there might also be slight undertones to these colors giving us slightly peachy or pink tones.

Either way, these are soft colors that work perfectly for those who like dramatic accents with their artistic furniture.

5 Simple Ways to Elevate a Home with Neutral Decor!

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It is a classic way to go. Picking the most subtle colors off the shelf and making the best out of it is every calm and composed mind’s dream.

Most people who opt to have a home decor with neutral tones tend to use different hues of the same color. This ensures that the space gets a sophisticated look, without looking like much. A lot of times, the color scheme is also extended to the floors and curtains.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it, if you’re the kind who’d like to be a tad bit different, then read along and take a look at our tips to elevate this neutral palette home decor!


  1. Warm things Up

Buy home decor online, but keep in mind that you look for a wooden cabinet with a warm tone. A Paduak or Walnut shade would be perfect to bring warmth into your otherwise light room. Apart from enhancing the look of the room, it will also provide additional storage space.

 5 Simple Ways to Elevate a Home with Neutral Decor!

Image Credit: House Beautiful

The only thing you want to make sure here is that you pick a cabinet that goes with your decor style. Let’s say your home is inspired by the Victorian era, then you might want to bring home a wooden carved cabinet.


  1. Add Patterns

An otherwise neutral palette home decor might need some patterns here and there to make things interesting. So, the least you can do is add a patterned rug or simply add some throw pillows to the mix. Home decor items with simple yet beautiful patterns and colors can easily elevate your space.

Into the Wild Cushion 

Our Bohemian Chic Macrame Cushion and Into the Wild Cushion are just a couple of cushions we suggest you check out, and ideally include in your home with a neutral palette. The colors, make, feel, and texture of these cushions will further beautify your home!


  1. Darker Neutrals

Yes, we agree that darker colors can also be considered neutral colors. These generally include blacks and browns, with some patterns. When you buy home decor online make sure you add to your cart some dark neutrals in there. Whether you talk about lamps, seating, or other decorative items, they all would work well, as long as you’ve executed them properly.

 Bohemian Kilim Macrame Pouffe

Here’s an amazing pouffe in the Dark Grey shade that might just do the job for you!


  1. Statement Pieces

Well, yes, we’ve said this many times, and we’ll keep saying it. Statement pieces have a way of creating an entirely new home decor scene than what you would have imagined. That is the most wonderful thing! Large paintings like the Dusk to Dawn Landscape Canvas or a more neutral, but impactful Hazel Mosaic Mirror are the perfect choice for any space! The kind of effect that a statement piece can give you is superior.

Dusk to Dawn Landscape Canvas 

Tell you what! Why don’t you go ahead and create a mood board for yourself and design the perfect home decor with luxury furniture and what not! Pick pieces from the Artment’s store and see if they work for you!


  1. Go the Extra Mile!

For that perfect pop, there’s only one way. Bring in the bright yellow, deep red, or emerald green color to your decor! These colors will create that eye-catching look and also help you lighten the mood every time you look at it. On a neutral home decor, these colors tend to work wonderfully, especially if your artistic furniture is of that particular color!

5 Simple Ways to Elevate a Home with Neutral Decor!

Image Credit: Decor Aid


So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and get a little crazy with your neutral palette home decor and create your own unique space on your terms!


Let us know if you come across any ideas on how to elevate a neutral home decor!


Happy home decor to you!

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