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Powerful Princesses Canvas - The Artment
Powerful Princesses Canvas - The Artment
Powerful Princesses Canvas - The Artment
Powerful Princesses Canvas - The Artment
Powerful Princesses Canvas - The Artment
Powerful Princesses Canvas - The Artment

    Powerful Princesses Canvas (Matte Finish)

    Rs. 2,699.00
      About The Product

      Grace, Beauty, and Strenght of Our Princesses!

      The Powerful Princesses Canvas is a set of two canvases that shows off the aura of princesses during the olden times. Inspired by the Mughal Paintings, this canvas speaks volumes of how artists in those times would create realistic portraits of people in power

        Powerful Princesses Canvas  

      With women in focus, one holding a lotus and the other a tiger cub, the canvas set gives off a truly Mughal and royal vibe! Including this set of canvases in your decor is sure to pull some attention your way. The bright color combinations and details make the Powerful Princesses Canvas worth showing off. 

      ABOUT the ART 
        Indian Folk Art  

      If we go into the details of Mughal painting, we observe that it developed from Persian miniature paintings. When the Mughals came to India, they wanted to spread their culture to every corner. What better way to do so than with art? It mostly included the lavish lifestyle of kings and queens, depicted as is.

        Powerful Princesses Canvas  

      A team of artists would especially create portraits that would please the royalty. It is said that every person involved in the process of creating a Mughal painting would have a special talent. One would only paint the face and features, while another was responsible for creating the colors. No wonder, Mughal paintings are still a favorite!



      • Dimensions: Small- 30cm, Large- 40cm
      • Material: Canvas
      • Technique: Digital Printing
      • Sold with Wooden Frame without Outer Rim
      • Matte Finish


      • Clean design and elegant look
      • High quality
      • Durable Art Work
      • Handle with Care

      Note: The color of the actual product may slightly vary from the images shown as the images are shot in different lighting.


      The Gift Box that the Artment sends consists of Powerful Princesses Canvas with a triple layering of bubble wrap and safely packed in a box.

        Powerful Princesses Canvas  
      • The Powerful Princesses Canvas is a beautiful addition to your home, no matter what kind of decor you’ve used
      • It will go well with light colors or for a bold look can be paired with darker backdrops
      • Display the wall art on a plain wall with earthy tones to enhance the look of the space
      • When paired with gold elements, the wall art shall become an eye-catching element of the decor
      • The wall art is a perfect piece for your foyer arranged with wooden and natural accents
      • The Powerful Princesses Canvas shall light up the decor of your puja room as it would be in the olden times 


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