The Perfect Gift for Those Loved One’s Who Live in Style!

Remember how we shared some amazing details about the Art Deco era and its design style?


Check it out here and then we can continue sharing some awesome details about a wonderfully Art Deco inspired tableware collection.

The Perfect Gift for Those Loved One’s Who Live in Style!

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We wanted to create something that was a combination of glitz, art, and splendid quality, for all of you royals who are looking to buy mugs online! Whether you think this collection is a

Taking inspiration from the Art Deco era, the ivory and gold collection is one of a kind.

The next time you’re going to attend a social event, a house party especially, consider taking along the Ritz Drinkware Collection.

The intricate detailing on the products of this collection are noteworthy and shall bring a sense of luxury to every home!

 The Perfect Gift for Those Loved One’s Who Live in Style!

Getting back to the point…

Usually, it is a custom to give the hosts of this event a special gift depending on their taste and standard. Whether you decide to gift them a luxury dinner set or keep it simple with a bottle of wine, you want to make sure you’ve got things sorted.

Yes, we know that most of these parties would serve alcohol to its guests, and you’re also wondering what would the host do with a couple of coffee mugs?

Well, why aren’t we taking into consideration the guests who don’t drink?

Today’s lifestyle has a lot of people focusing on their health, meaning, they might not even be up for a cocktail.


That’s it.

Your hosts can begin using your gift immediately, creating an impression that will last in their mind for a long time.

And anyway, if they decide to not open your gift right away, then the super luxurious Ritz mugs will bring them joy when they begin to use it.

Expect a call whenever they do so, because this ivory and gold combination of mugs is bound to dazzle them! The tea and coffee lovers will especially be thankful that you introduced them to a different kind of luxury.


On that note, if you’re looking to buy cutlery online then there’s no more searching to be done. Check out our Dining Collection for some of the best options!


Coming back to the gifting options you’ve got from an Art Deco inspired collection, for the luxurious people, we’d like to talk about some of our top picks, the favorites.


  1. The Ritz Gold Striped Mug

Who doesn’t love stripes on a tall gold mug filled with their favorite beverage? This artistic mug has a shiny gold handle to create that special touch of elegance and have it stand apart from all your other mugs.

The Perfect Gift for Those Loved One’s Who Live in Style! 


  1. The Ritz Mia Teacup (Set of 6)

What can be said about a mug that has the ability to have to floating in the air in no time? Our Mia teacups boast a superb pattern of clouds combined with a little bit of linear geometry to create a design that works well together for the Art Deco vibe. If you’re going to buy mugs online, these are the one’s you want to go for!

The Perfect Gift for Those Loved One’s Who Live in Style! 


  1. The Ritz Golden Splash Teacups (Set of 6)

A messy yet clean design of these mugs is what makes it a great item to have for the people with a luxurious taste! Wait, do you love them too? Then go ahead and get them for yourself! The teacups are snuggling efficient and perfect for a cold winter morning teatime with loved ones.

The Perfect Gift for Those Loved One’s Who Live in Style! 


The intricate work on these the Ritz Collection celebrates the true essence of being sophisticated and grab everyone’s attention for the right reasons.


If you’re planning to buy mugs online from the Ritz collection for yourself then here are a couple of tips on how to style them:

  • These gold and ivory combination goes well with wooden accents, including trays, tables, and cabinets
  • Pair the cups with our luxury dinner sets and see how beautiful the atmosphere becomes
  • Bring home some marble or ivory coasters for these delicate and gorgeous mugs to enhance their look


We hope you’re able to make the right choice!

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