Simple minimalist tips to beautify and simplify your space

It’s no secret that a well-maintained space boosts creativity and enhances productivity.

A clutter-free desk will help you focus on what is more important – work or cleaning. It will help your mind concentrate on the work instead of the stacks of files, papers, unwanted stationary and books that clutter your desk. 

A well-decorated but functional kitchen will bring back the joy of cooking and cleaning. Free from the pressures of cleaning and organizing, you will be able to focus your attention on entertaining guests, impressing them and spending quality time with your loved ones.

The best way to organize, refocus and de-clutter is to reinvent your spaces as minimalist spaces.

Most people think that minimalism is a lifestyle of deprivation, wherein you discard possessions like clothing, books, artefacts etc. that you no longer use or need. But in fact, being a minimalist can be treated as a way of adding more value to your daily life.


It is not only about discarding things that have no value but about consciously buying things that have long-lasting value.


For instance, you could donate or sell your high-maintenance sofa and bed to buy a sofa-cum-bed that has a two-in-one value and takes up less space and maintenance time!

Similarly, in this article, The Artment looks at new additions you could make to your desk and kitchen that might add more value to your time in these spaces, reduce clutter and light up your home!


  1.       For your desk

Picture Credits: workhardanywhere

If you’re a creative person, your desk is bound to be messy. You like to keep your books close and your art closer because being surrounded by creativity boosts your own. Eye glasses strewn across the desk, a closed-off space with less light and even lesser ventilation. Does this describe your desk and work space?

Here’s a minimalist tip!

Try organizing your desk space thematically: one corner for creative inspiration (posters, artworkwall hangings), one for your stationary, one for your work accessories and the centre of the table for your electronic devices.

Get functional but minimalist décor items that are value for money and look great! For your eye glasses and other work accessories like earphones and other wires, get The Artment’s Why So Serious Spectacle Holders. If you’re a creative person, it’s important to know if your workspace is getting enough light. Light brings clarity of vision to the creative mind. If you’re someone who sketches, paints, writes of edits photos on your desk, try moving your desk to a bright light source like a window. Or bring in a table lamp that matches your minimalist aesthetic like The Artment’s Calming Gravity LED Lamp. This is a statement piece that is functional, space-effective and looks dashing.


 2.       For your dining table


The dining table is a centre of any living space. We all want to be able to entertain and impress guests but nobody wants to deal with the cleaning and clutter that’s left after they leave.


Here’s a minimalist tip!

To make an aesthetic out of your minimalist style, use monochrome plates and cutlery. Space them out across your table to reveal the surface of the table from beneath the plates. Avoid using too many decorative items and allow the space to breathe.

Use minimalist dine wear like The Artment’s Luxury Minimalist Dinner Plates so that the food takes centre stage. Functionality and value-for-money are the central pillars of minimalism. For each of the prepared dishes, use crockery that is suited to the food item. Use The Artment’s Minimal White Entertaining Serve Wear for instance, to serve appetizers, chips-and-dip, fruit platters and more.



  1.       For your kitchen

Picture Credits: ningstami


Imagine how much time you could save if you didn’t have to run to the kitchen to heat up your chapatti that went cold because you were watching Netflix or needed extra salt and pepper. Minimalism is also about saving time, about using as little time as possible on daily chores and routines to make time for what’s really important.


Here’s a minimalist tip for saving time in the kitchen and outside it!

Try keeping ingredients or other items back in their place as soon as you have used them to avoid clutter. Use multi-purpose containers that keep your food warm to store your chapattis. Use monochrome crockery items to beautify your space. This way, your space will look clean and organized.

As mentioned earlier, minimalism is not only about discarding or donating items you no longer find value in but buying items that have huge value functionally and monetarily. Get The Artment’s statement Wooden Casserole with Gold Pineapple Lid to add an elegant touch to your collection of minimalist crockery or opt for these Modern Art Earth Bottles that are both classy and minimal to store oils and other condiments.


How about we take things on a different level by combining minimalism with some Color Trends to try?


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