Get a Minimal Style Bedroom Decor with Smart and Doable Tips


We began talking about minimalism a few days ago. We've also talked about it previously, when we let you in through the window. 

Not read it all yet?

Before we begin the design process, it is essential that we understand what art form we’re talking about. What really is minimalism and how did it come into being.

If you haven’t already read out last introductory blog about minimalism, then now is the right time to do so.

Understanding Minimalism to Get the Best of a Minimalist Design!

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Alright, now that you have a better idea about it, we can go ahead and talk about how to become a minimalist, or just follow the design trend.

This time around, we want to focus on the bedroom.

Ah, the preciousness of a sound sleep!

Minimal design is not as easy as it looks, but it’s not that tough to follow through either.

No need to get overwhelmed by the details of it.

This time around we’re going to give you easy tips that will have to going minimalist in no time.

So, diving right into it we have the first tip!


  1. Focus on Few

While your entire bedroom might be a blank canvas, you want to ensure that there’s a focal point there. Take the living room, for example. You’ve got your minimalistic furniture set up, without too much going on otherwise. So, as much as an empty space might be important, you want to make sure that there’s something to look forward to in terms of either home decor or designs that pull focus.


Here’s something that may be the right option for your living room focal point. The Minimalist Aurelia Indoor Planter shall not only wow your guests with its golden charm, but will give off a perfect minimal design vibe. 


  1. Flat Surfaces

Reading our last blog on minimalism, you must have understood that one of the key features of the art form is flat surfaces and clean lines. By including these into your interior design, you should be able to get away with the bare minimum of including minimalism into your home decor. Let’s talk about the kitchen. By bringing in well-defined drawers, cabinets and windows with flat surfaces and straight lines, you get a soothing feeling for the eyes.


Your kitchen and dining space could also do well with small additions of minimal design. So, here’s a gorgeous wooden tray that will help you pull off that minimal vibe. The Minimalist Curve Wooden Serving Tray shall make things easy for you!


  1. Add Textures

Simplicity does not mean the lack of textures in your home decor. You might not want to have too much going on in your minimalism inspired home, but you probably don’t want it to look super dull and bland. Devoid of extra things does not mean that a space has to be denied of beauty. The idea of texture can be brought to life minimalistic furniture. Sofa sets and arm chairs can have a good feel to it, while being simple. If you’re looking for a large-scale makeover you could also opt to have a textured wall, something with exposed brick of concrete.

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  1. Always Declutter

One of the primary ways of ensuring that you’re going minimalist in all the right ways is to create spaces that do not invite clutter. Your store cabinets should be large enough to store only the essentials. The more storage space you have, the more you buy. In terms of show cabinets, make sure that they’re filled with items you need on a daily basis. Say the home has 3 residents. So, ideally you should only need 3 to 5 glasses, plates, cutlery, and serving bowls.


For the real minimal look, you could buy these amazing glasses. The Clear Ribbed Wine Glasses with Gold Rim- Set of 4 will look good in your minimal cabinet.


  1. Light it Up

Minimalism is all about natural light as well, right? So, when planning your home decor, try to pick out curtains, furniture, and other items that are such that they don’t block light. Your space should ideally be well lit during the day. At night, apart from privacy concerns, you should also let the moonlight enter your home. A slight pop of color in the decor will liven the entire space when it is well lit. It really is as easy to understand.


The pop of color can be added by using our Minimalist Teal Serving Tray to place a gorgeous center table setup. This will not only impress guests, but will prove to be useful during the day. It’ll avoid clutter!



What do you think about our minimal design ideas and approach towards a new home decor?

We hope you can use some of these ideas and revert with pictures and comments!

Happy Home Decor to You!


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