A World of Passionate Drinkers: 5 Easy and Tasty Cocktail Recipes

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Leave your regular drinking nights behind and embrace the beauty of some wonderfully mixed cocktails in some of the most beautiful barware you would have ever seen!

We wanted to share a couple of recipes that you could copy or add your own twist to ours and wow your family and friends. The first step to creating an impression is to let go of your old barware collection and a gorgeous buy barware set.

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Now, the next step would be to go through this article and keep in mind the drinks you like, so that this holiday season you can make them for everyone!

Oh, and don’t worry, we’ll be doing both, cocktails and mocktails, perfect for the entire group!

In this article, we’ll only be covering cocktails, so wait for the next one if you’re the kind who loves mocktails!

Sound good?

Let’s dive right into it!


  1. Mojito

No matter the weather and occasion, the classic mojito is a drink that a lot of people prefer! It’s easy to make and easier to enjoy with its sweet, salty, and fresh taste!

Here’s the quickest way to make a Classic Mojito:

  • Take your favorite barware for home and squeeze and add lime wedges into it
  • Add 5 to 10 mint leaves into the glass and muddle
  • Next, add white rum and sugar syrup to the glass and top with a bunch of crushed ice
  • Finally, top the mixture with your favorite brand of soda and mix
  • Adjust the ingredients according to taste

Instead of soda, you could also add Sprite. In this case, hold back on the sugar syrup as it might get too sweet.


Image Credit: Cookie + Kate

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  1. Caipiroska

One of the easiest drinks to make, it needs only 3 ingredients. Caipiroska is famous in Brazil, but is loved all around the world for its simplicity and refreshing taste!

Here’s the best way to make Caipiroska:

  • Get an old-fashioned yet cool barware glass, like the Beaten Gold Rim Whiskey Glass
  • Cut up a lime into wedges and squeeze them into the glass
  • Add torn mint leaves onto the limes and muddle
  • Next add a bunch of crushed ice into the glass
  • Grab your vodka and pour it in with sugar syrup
  • Stir and adjust the taste to yours

 Beaten Gold Rim Whiskey Glass

We can hear you thinking, “Mojito and Caipiroska are the same drink!” Bet you’re missing the fact that one has white rum and the other has vodka! So once you buy barware set online, you can have your base ready, and wait till your guests choose white rum or vodka for their drink! Easy party hack, right?


  1. Twisted Whiskey Sour

Before we begin, we have the perfect glass you can serve this drink in. The Tip-Toe Shell Drinking Glass will wow your guests with your impeccable taste in drinks and barware! Now, without wasting time, here’s what you’ll have to do for a twisted whiskey sour:

  • Grab your shaker and fill it with ice cubes
  • Pour in your whiskey, lime juice, orange juice, and sugar syrup
  • Give it a good shake and strain the mixture into the glass
  • You can either put a couple of ice cubes into the glass or serve as it
  • As for the garnish, get yourself a slice orange, cut it into half and serve!

 Tip-Toe Shell Drinking Glass

Barware from the Artment can also be the newest addition to your minimalistic home decor. No doubt about it!


  1. Pina Colada

The captivating smell of a beautifully made pina colada can take you to the beach in no time! This easy to make drink can be served in our Tail Cocktail Glass.

Here’s how you can make a classic Pina Colada:

  • The first step is optional, rim the glass with desiccated coconut
  • Get your blender and add white rum, coconut syrup, pineapple juice, coconut cream or plain cream, vanilla ice cream into it
  • Before you blend it up, add some crushed ice to the mixture
  • Pour this gorgeous drink into your barware glass and serve!
  • If you want to garnish the drink, use fresh mango or some mint leaves. Even a slice of fresh pineapple would do

 Tail Cocktail Glass

We’re telling you! When you a buy barware set, you want to keep in mind the gorgeous options we’ve got in store for you!


  1. Sangria

The classic wine drink is fancy and fruity at the same time, making it a favorite for a lot of people! The origins of the drink are believed to be in Spain, but who cares when you can make it at home!

Here’s how to make a classic Sangria:

  • Cut up some fruits like oranges, apples, seasonal fruits, and mint leaves
  • Add them to container and pour red and/or orange wine over them
  • Leave them in overnight and serve with some bubbly Sprite and fresh mint leaves.

You can serve the classic sangria in our Clear Round Ribbed Wine Glasses.

 Clear Round Ribbed Wine Glasses

So, do you think you can impress everyone with your cocktail making skills and barware that also serves as home decor items?

We sure hope you do!


Good luck and happy drink creation to you!

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