5 Insider Tips to Nailing a Surreal Decor: Homes, Stores and Cafes

Art movements are a part of the always-evolving world.

Just as science has progressed in all of these years, so has art.

The different cultures around the world have perceived and made use of art in their unique way. And since art has no boundaries, it is almost always left to be interpreted and felt by the viewers.

This is where the Surrealist Art Movement comes into picture, and how it became a part of the home decor industry.

Even today, people want to incorporate several elements of this art movement into their home or have an entire interior design planned as per its ideas.

So, first things first…


What does Surrealism Mean?

Developed in Europe, Surrealism was a cultural movement, as the aftermath of World War 1. The Surrealism Art Movement was highly influenced by Dadaism.

  • Dadaism was an art movement where artists rejected the constraints of the need for logic, aestheticism, reasoning created by the capitalist society. Instead, they expressed irrational thoughts, nonsense, and anti-capitalism through their work.

As you may begin to understand now, surrealist artists would use uncommon imagery in their visual works and writings. The use of juxtaposition in their works was also common practice.

The basic idea was to allow the unconscious mind to express itself.

For this, they would develop unique techniques and created strange creatures from everyday items.

At this point, the rules changed and conscious art lost value. The reality of unreal ideals became a trend, and interpretation was left in the hands of the viewer.


Incorporating Surrealism in Your Home Decor

The Surrealism home decor style will be something along the lines of contemporary style of decor.

The use of bold and beautiful colors is observed throughout designing, illustrations, and fashion.

That being said, the idea remains simple. This idea is then led through an imaginative path to create compositions that are mind-boggling.

Like this flower head planter!

Usually, artists create a contrast by using colors and geometric shapes, that wouldn’t be used together on the regular.

Achieving the surrealist look might be a tad bit difficult, but not impossible. The look you get from this art movement is sophisticated and complex. Artworks that are a little crazy colored are perfect.


Tip #1

Different elements can add hints of surrealism to your home decor.

Take a look at one of our surreal inspired table accents.


Surrealism Trends to Keep an Eye On


Taking inspiration from “The Thinker”, we introduce a sense of minimal yet surrealist ideology to your home decor. While the accent in itself is a sober piece, it can be paired with bold colors like deep greens and reds to enhance your surrealist home decor.


Tip #2

Here’s another great example of an interior design that takes inspiration from the Surrealist Art Movement.


Surrealism Trends to Keep an Eye On

Picture Credits: Pinterest


The room shows off different hues of blue with hints of gold and silver. It is nothing like one would have ever seen before. The use of patterns used in this room are not something you’d find on the daily. In spite of every one of these elements being different, they all fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

You can do this for your home, restaurant or hotel by adding a waves wallpaper

Surrealist Waves Printed Textured Mural Wallpaper

This is exactly what you want for your surrealist home decor.


Tip #3

Surrealism is known to bend reality and dreams and take you into a different dimension. This superior reality is thought-provoking and lets our imagination run wild.

For your imagination to run free, we suggest you incorporate a dreamy looking Lightning Plate.


Surrealism Trends to Keep an Eye On


With the addition of this surrealism inspired plate in your home, you’ll be floating in dreamland. The color scheme of this plate gives you a royal look, straight out of the surrealism era. Each plate boasts a different pattern, giving you a unique look for the dinner set. 

Swans in Flight Canvas

When paired with bold colors like orange, red, and gold, the beauty of these plates doubles. At this point, you’ll see how well it fits into the idea of Surrealism.


Tip #4

The next idea we’re sharing with you is actually a painting. But, hey! Look at how beautiful this surrealist interior would look!


Surrealism Trends to Keep an Eye On

Picture Credits: Pinterest


The brilliantly used color palette shows us what bold colors can do when brought together. The rich blue wall with gold elements, and the deep red of the velvet on the chairs.

It’s like magic in real-time.

The room is seamlessly tied together with the soft blue of the rug and the wooden side tables. And in spite of the colors being bold, the living space in itself spreads a sense of calm and luxury.

Blossoming Florals Canvas

Think a canvas set like this one would work well?


Tip #5

One last tip that we’re going to leave you with is for your kitchen space. Something that will help you jazz it up!

This idea could also be used for a cafe's open kitchen space and show off your amazing taste!


Surrealism Trends to Keep an Eye On

Picture Credits: Pinterest


A bold choice of color for the kitchen cabinets, with brass hardware, gives this Southern American kitchen a new life. Since surrealistic interiors are known for their luxurious and shiny looking elements, you can add a lustrous finish to your cabinet doors, and workspace.

With a black surface to cook and cut veggies, you have the perfect opportunity to include a marble effect chopping board.


Surrealism Trends to Keep an Eye On


As you may have realized by now, the use of bold colors, especially blue and red is common.

These deep tones set the mood for you to step away from your reality and enter the world of dreams and magic.

We certainly hope that this helps you in your venture to create a beautiful surrealist interior design, or at least have elements from the Surrealist Art Movement.

Let us know what you think!


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