Surreal Marble-effect Chopping board

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Cooking is an art, and a cook is an artist. And, the right pieces of equipment are key ingredients in creating a masterpiece.
Product Description :
  • Surrealism was and still is a very controversial art form. It gives you a passage to think and imagine various things from a creative perspective. This creative freedom makes Surrealism a fluid art form. Typically, this art is to express the creativity of the unconscious mind.
  • Surreal Marble-effect Chopping board is inspired by the technique of Marbling. The unconventional and unique design that we see on each and every piece of our Surreal Marbleeffect Chopping Board can be highly related to different design elucidations by numerous artists of the Surrealism period. The interpretations even for a single piece of art would be different for each individual.
  • Our Chopping boards resist wear and tear, won't damage knives and helps to keep food from sticking. These boards are super stylish and can be used in multiple ways like as serving boards for fine food and fruits, another advantage is these can be carried easily.

Styling Tips :

  • These Surreal Marble effect Chopping boards can be used in a fancy fashion in open kitchens while having an open kitchen party and get-togethers. You can show off the board to people, drink wine, cook, and have a gala time.
  • These boards can be used as serving boards as well. Because of the fine finish and featherweight feature, these can be used to serve fancy cheese during drinks or for dessert post meals.
  • It can be carried to places in the bag. Due to high durability and portability, you can carry these to the outdoor picnics, tea parties, and birthday parties.


Specifications :
  • Material: Porcelain 
  • Size: 26cm x 16cm
  • Technique: Marbling in glazing
  • Weight: 500-700 grams

Features :

  • Handy and compact
  • Ideal for outdoor picnics
  • Easily Washable

Gift Box Contains :
 The Gift Box that the Artment sends with the products consists of the safely packed chopping board.

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