2020's Top 10 Decor Trends

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From vintage accents and high contrasts to floral motifs and cozy accessories

Out with the old, and in with the new! Home decor trends are changing, and they are changing fast. 2020, make way for vintage accents, statement pieces, antique furniture and high-contrast colour palettes! 

There’s no better time than now to spruce up your home - whether it’s a big change like slapping on a coat of new paint on your walls and buying new furniture or small changes like hanging a brand new piece of art above your dining table. Whatever you do, be sure to catch on to these 10 home decor trends brought to you by The Artment, or just use them as inspiration for your home transformation project! 

For your living room 
A touch of vintage

What went out of fashion last year is back with a bang. Using vintage accents in your home is a cool way to appreciate the past while keeping things chic and modern. But beware, overusing the vintage theme could weaken its powerful effect. Opt for light accents like The Artment’s Rustic Mystic Deer Bookend Set to adorn the bookshelves in your study or slightly heavier pieces like The Artment’s Hazel Mosaic Mirror

Cozying up with cushions

We know it seems strange but cushion stacking is the trendiest way to do up your old living room sofa. In most modern Indian homes, sofas tend to be neutral in shape and color. But since statement sofas like the uncanny curved sofa is back in style, statement upholstery is back too! Check out these bright options from The Artment - Bohemian Chic Kilim Cushions. If you’re feeling like you need something in the neutral zone to balance the look out, The Artment’s Bohemian Macrame Pouffes might come in handy. 

For your study
Statement lighting fixtures 

Statement lights are all the rage. If your study is designed in a neutral color palette with a wooden or transparent glass desk, maybe a stand-out piece of lighting is what you need. Until last year, lighting was one of the last things you’d look towards to make a space look done-up. Buying a statement piece of lighting was also expensive. But this year, it’s all about affordable, sleek lighting set against an otherwise neutral room like The Artment’s Rustic Pamella Table Lamp, or if you’re looking for something with a more luxurious feel, The Artment’s Farmhouse Checkered Table Lamp

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For your dining space 
Floral motifs 

Flower power is back and it looks like it’s here to stay. Floral wallpapers that scream spring are trending, warm yellows and deep pinks are up for grabs, and floral motifs that add an elegant grace to your space are on top of the charts. The pandemic might make buying and installing a new wallpaper difficult, but who said only big changes count? 

The Artment’s Flower of Life Table Napkin Holder is both modern and vintage, and gives us all a chance to ease into the floral trend instead of diving right into it with big changes in decor and wallpaper. 

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Turn up the contrast 

Bright blue against burning reds, deep shades of purple paired with dark green - 2020’s contrast game is on point like never before. Finding the right mix of contrasting colors can be tough but going with classic colors will never go out of style. Start with adding a layer of contrast to the little things like spoons, plates, cutlery, table mats, napkins, etc. The Artment is always here for you with options like the sophisticated Art Deco Noir Cutlery Set, the mysterious Linden Batik Blue Tempered Glass Dinner Plates and the always in-fashion Glimmer Galaxy Spoons

Work from home mania

The consecutive lockdowns are getting crazier by the day. Our social lives have already been inconvenienced. Why should our quarantine lives be too? Load up on these beautiful items to make your isolation experience cool, modern and functional. 


Convenience is everything 

Working from home? Some of us never predicted we’d be working from home for this long a period of time. We never prepared for long hours on the screen when the comfort of our beds is right in front of us to indulge in. But what if extended screen time came with the promise of comfort? The Artment’s ingenious Modern Art Lap Cushion Desk lets you work and lounge simultaneously! We can all agree that if the art of looking at work tabs while also binging Netflix was to be condensed in the form of an object, it would be this one! 

The Modern Art Lap Cushion Desk comes in three color variants - Blue, Sky Blue and Red

Interested in more home decor styling recommendations? Check out The Artment’s Instagram page. We have more for you to read over at The Artment’s Blog - Simple Minimalist Tips to Simplify and Beautify Your Space.  

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