Flask Planter
Flask Planter - The artment
Flask Planter - The artment
Flask Planter - The artment
Flask Planter - The artment
Flask Planter - The artment
Flask Planter - The artment

    Flask Planter

    Rs. 1,399.00
      About The Product

      Minimalism is a way to live simpler, fuller, and better.

      Round bottom flasks hanging on a wooden tray, perfect for those science enthusiasts! Our flask planters have a Minimal style using organic materials and a touch of modernity are perfect decor pieces for all spaces- indoor or outdoor. 
      The ideal decor piece to be kept on your side table, balconies, or even study tables, these flask planters bring a sense of style and calmness together.  Flask Planter Simplicity in its form makes it all the more attractive. Comes in single piece decor, sets of 2 and 4, these are beautiful gifting item too with their modish design and charm. Flask Planter

      Flask Planter

      Minimalism emerged in New York in the 1960s, characterized by extreme simplicity of form and a literal, objective approach. The concept relies on the belief that instead of owning a lot, the focus should be shifted to owning necessary items and living a clutter-free life. Today, the idea of minimalism fits well into our lives, owing to the acceptance of sustainability, functionality, ergonomics.

      Flask Planter The strategic use of wood for this extraordinary plant stand and the glass planter itself ensure that the look and feel of the luxury product is maintained. Featuring the concept of minimalism, the Flask Planter is a must-have!
      • Small: 1 flask (16*14*12cm)
      • Medium: 2 flasks (21*14*12cm)
      • Large: 3 flasks (28*14*12cm)
      • Material: Glass and Wood
      Flask Planter Flask Planter FEATURES
      • Exquisite and elegant workmanship
      • Minimalist style
      • Screw enabled, adjustable height
      • DIY assembly
      • Beautiful decor piece-minimum elements
      • Works best for water plants
      Flask Planter
      Flask Planter
      • Looks beautiful in front of the windows
      • Good lighting is important for its styling as the glass flask gives a surreal effect in good sunlight
      • Can be styled with small planters on your study desk
      • Can be kept on your side tables along with books and other small accent pieces.
      • Goes very well with modern decor and furniture pieces.
      • Flowers and colored stones in the flask can be a stunning addition for its styling.
      Flask Planter  


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      • Are the plants included with the flask

        Thank you for reaching out. No, the flask does not come along with the plant and the product is delivered to you as shown on the website.

        Thank you.