Pair of Mute Swans Canvas - The Artment
Pair of Mute Swans Canvas - The Artment
Pair of Mute Swans Canvas - The Artment
Pair of Mute Swans Canvas (Matte Finish)

    Pair of Mute Swans Canvas (Matte Finish)

    Rs. 1,399.00
      About The Product

      The Epitome of Grace and Elegance!

      The Pair of Mute Swans Canvas is an outstanding Feng Shui-related canvas that captures the love and affection between swans. Living in their natural habitat, the swans are considered to be a symbol of purity, love, elegance, and grace. Their elongated neck and white feathers and a bright orange beak make them look gorgeous.

        Pair of Mute Swans Canvas  

      Their beauty has been captured well in the Pair of Mute Swans Canvas. Since swan is a symbol of love, the canvas can be gifted to newlywed couples or hung in the bedroom to keep the romance alive. According to Feng Shui philosophy, they also represent inner beauty, so it is perfect for those who want to re-learn how to love themselves! 

      ABOUT the ART

      Impressionism is the 19th-century art movement that is now known for its vast collection of oil paintings. The identification of these paintings can be done by observing small and thin brush strokes. Generally, Impressionist paintings had an open composition and depicted light in an accurate manner.

        Pair of Mute Swans Canvas  

      It was developed by French artists. The famous Impressionist artists of this period, such as Claude Monet and Edgar Degas broke the conventional rules of art and captured light and movement in their own unconventional manner. This movement changed the course of art history.



      • Dimensions (Dia): Small- 30cm, Medium- 40cm, Large- 50cm
      • Material: Canvas
      • Technique: Digital Printing
      • Sold with Wooden Frame without Outer Rim
      • Matte Finish


      • Clean design and elegant look
      • High quality
      • Durable Art Work
      • Handle with Care
      Note: The color of the actual product may slightly vary from the images shown as the images are shot in different lighting.

        The Gift Box that the Artment sends consists of the Pair of Mute Swans Canvas with a triple layering of bubble-wrap and safely packed in a box.

          Pair of Mute Swans Canvas  
        • The Pair of Mute Swans Canvas is a beautiful addition to your surrealist type home decor
        • The wall art can be paired with lively greens and a plain backdrop to ensure their beauty pops
        • Display the wall art on a wall with pastel colors to enhance the look of the space
        • When paired with gold elements, the wall art shall become an eye-catching element of the decor
        • The wall art is a perfect piece for bedrooms and private spaces


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