Work From Home Essentials - 17 Things You Must Know For Setting a WFH Office

The pandemic forced every person around the world to adapt to the situation and work remotely. 


Work From Home used to be a rare occurrence, but now that it is a compulsion, people are often questioning if they can make their work-from-home situation easier since it seems that the end is no closer.


Let’s talk about the essentials required to make your work-from-home situation easier.


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Let's start with the list of essentials for creating work from home office!



Designate an Office Space:

Look for appropriate office space in your home. Preferably, it should be separate from the bedroom to keep your work life separate and maintain a work-life balance.


Stay Away from the Bed: 

Try not to work on your bed to stay active during the day. If we stick to the bed, then we are bound to get tired and sleepy. Not to mention, a bad posture will ultimately cause health problems.


Plenty of Space: 

Choose a place that has ample space. Don’t stick to a place that’s too small for your needs. That will lead to clutter and will hinder your work as no one can work well in clutter. 



Clean Your Space Regularly:

Don't let dust collect on things. Keep the space clean, so you feel like working in this space, and it has positive energy. You can also opt for bookends and a stationery holder to declutter your space.



Opt for aromatherapy to reduce work-induced stress. It is proven that aromatherapy is very beneficial in calming the mind. Scented candles and essential oils are both suitable options. 



Decorate according to your taste and choices. Make it a happy place that you would want to spend time in. This will ensure that you will be happy to work in that space every day for long hours.

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Computers are mandatory in remote jobs, but make sure that you keep a correct posture while working for long hours. Try getting a desk for this and place it near an electrical outlet so you never run out of battery.


Comfy Chair: 

Get a comfy chair so you can easily spend your working hours without getting too tired. A high-rise chair with back and neck support and a cushioned seat is ideal.



Invest in a good pair of earphones because you will be having a ton of virtual meetings, and you don’t want to strain your ears too much.



A well-lit area will liven up the place and is more likely to keep you energized. Dark spaces while working can create a sleep-like environment and make you feel drowsy. Add table lamps or wall sconces to keep your desk area bright.



Get a footrest or ottoman for your feet. Sitting long hours in the chair can swell up your feet. At home, you can make your workspace as comfy as you want while still being practical.


Table Planters

Add plants for liveliness and color. Plants in the workspace bring positive energy and can help you keep active. Keeping something that needs you to take care of it will also help in making you feel responsible.


Water and Food: 

Keep a water bottle with you so you can stay hydrated to keep your energy levels up.  Also, keep eating every few hours to maintain a healthy balance and not feel irate. But you need to ensure to not overdo junk food and include healthy snacks like fruits in your diet.


Coffee and tea breaks: 

Take as many breaks as you need because working remotely is sometimes very isolating and adds to your stress levels. Consider getting a variety of mugs and cups to add something beautiful and different to your monotonous days. You can also take a few minutes every few hours to stretch and relax your body.


Notebook and Pen: 

No matter how digital we get, we always need to write something or the other. So keeping a notebook and stationery handy is also a WFH essential. 


Floor Cushions: 

You can get a floor cushion for a break from the chairs, where you can sprawl out before returning to your workspace. 




Want to know if the day has ended yet? Get a clock that matches your decor. Or mix it up and go for something contrasting.


So, get started with your Work from Home space and make the situation as easy as it can be for yourself!

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