The Growth of Minimalism and Following the Trend!

We’ve discusses a few things about minimalism and we hope you’re keeping up with us.

To bring you up to speed, minimalism the choice to live with only the essentials and to remove any distraction from your space.

If you’re keen on understanding minimalism and where it comes form, characteristics and such, you’ve landed at the right place.

You know there’s reason, in fact a bunch of reasons why minimalism got so popular and is being adapted by the newer generation. Decluttering the home to bring peace to one’s mind is one of the primary reasons.

Image Credit: BBC

Going minimalist is a choice not everyone can make. Simple living, with the bare minimum is tough. So, the concept was adapted into design of furniture, home decor items, and even prints used for wallpapers and bedsheets.

For example, the Minimalist Balance Candle Holder is a piece that takes inspiration from the art from to become a home decor piece in a minimal home decor.

 Minimalist Balance Candle Holder

Let’s take a look at a few reasons of why minimalism has seen a huge spike recently:


  1. The Aesthetic Appeal

Good art has the ability to enter the soul and aid the generation of new ideas. The features of minimalist art were able to easily gel with music, painting, sculpting, architecture, and design. This made it possible to enter the soul and create an aesthetic appeal and for most, it became a way of life.

 Minimalist Double Walled Clear Glass

Tell us you don’t see an aesthetic appeal in our Minimalist Double Walled Clear Glass! How could you not?


  1. Considering the Benefits

Minimalism suits the kind of lifestyle that a large population follows today. By completely shifting to and adapting to the minimal way of life, people have observed less stress, more freedom, and less distractions. It offers a larger space for personal growth and avoid unnecessary complications.


Image Credits: Minimalism Co

The space can still be beautiful! Learn more about it here!


  1. The Realization

It seems like people are finally coming to realize that there’s more to life than owning things and constantly looking for the next thing to buy. The next buy on your list is supposed to curb your need for satisfaction. No wonder this generation is going minimalist. People are seeing through this sea deep scheme and are now seeking happiness and peace through themselves, relationships, and social causes.


Speaking of social causes, we also decided to become a part of one! The Rivayaat X Artment collaboration tries to pull your focus towards the local art of terracotta pottery. Maybe take a second to check out these amazing products!


Well, now that we have covered a few reasons behind the acceptance of minimal design, can begin to understand the ways in which you can do so too, without going all the way.


  1. Exposed Elements

You can do right by both minimalism and industrial chic styles by creating a combination of wood and metal. When you expose the structural element of any item with the said materials, it creates a gorgeous vibe. This also allows you to open up the space a little bit more.

Caged Hanging Lamp 

The Caged Hanging Lamp is a great example of what can be added to a industrial chic and minimal design home!


  1. Bold Silhouette

The furniture you decide to put into your home will now have clean lines and tight-back chairs. These can still be cosy by using soft and high-end upholstery. The right ergonomic design and will give you a minimal look and will be the path to freedom from overly fluffy chairs.


Image Credit: Money Under 30


You can pair these bold silhouettes with something classy like the "In a Pastel World Canvas" to bring attention to the furniture. 


  1. The Mirrors

With sleek lines being a part of the minimalist design characteristics, you must think of adding the element with mirrors. Try to find some unusual designs and textures to add your own kind of spin to the trend. You can place the mirror over a console or foyer table and pair it with some ideal table decor.


  1. Natural Materials

Minimalism has always pulled focus towards using natural materials in its designs. Terracotta, wood, and stones like marble or granite should be used to create an ideally minimal home. Make sure that these are sourced locally to get the best of the minimalism philosophy.  

Image Credit: Pinterest 


So, there you have it.

The basics of going minimalist and maybe why you should do it too!

We’re not going to tell you how to live your life. But if you find that this art from has a rather soothing approach to home décor, then what’s the harm in trying it out!

If you haven’t read about the decor trends we discusses last time, and want to do so, you can find it right here.

Alright then!


Happy Home Decor to You!  

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