No More Messy Homes: 4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Organized!

Who likes to live in a messy home, anyway?

Most of us can only function if the space around us is clean and tidy. Some, on the other hand, don’t really care where they are, or what’s happening around them.

Good for them!

But, for the rest of us, imagine walking into the kitchen to make yourself a fluffy omelet and you see that the dishes are undone, there are magazines on the kitchen platform, and random used mugs and plates just chilling there. You buy mugs online and then don’t keep them where they’re supposed to be.


Can’t even think of it!

It might happen to people with kids, considering they’re a whole different responsibility!

We’d say it’s not necessary to live like that!

Home organization does not have to be a tough job to follow through with. Your artistic furniture can remain as is with a bit of cleanliness and organization tactics.

Image Credit: Good Housekeeping

So, here’s what we have for you in store today!


  1. Beauty + Storage

On your quest to find cabinets and cupboards, you’ll find multiple options, so many that you may be overwhelmed by them. So, the simplest way to make sure you get something that will match with your current decor is to create a mood board. Explore the best options and bring home the nicest one. Here’s what you want to remember though. Just because you have enough storage, does not mean that your job is done. End of every week should be dedicated to putting things into place. Ideally, every item picked out should be kept back in its place, but we all know that doesn’t happen!

 Surreal Flower Head Planter

Adding a bunch of plants in your home is surely going to help with handing the stress of organization! So, consider bringing home the Surreal Flower Head Planter.


  1. Get Rid of Things

We don’t want you to throw out everything you own. But if you feel like something you see in your some is not of value or use to you anymore, then you might want to consider donating it or selling it off. When you buy home decor online make sure that it is of use to you, and shall last you at least 5-10 years. Begin with smaller items, like mugs, plates, gym equipment, etc.

Image Credit: Brabantia


  1. No More Cluttering Zones

The moment we see an empty flat surface, we want to put stuff on it. There’s a high chance that your dining table, foyer table, and maybe even the living room center table are filled with random things. You want to make a schedule that will help you cleaning every surface before going to bed. Or for places that can be decorated, go for it! Your dining table can be filled with a vase, placemats, dishes, spoons, and glasses. Once you have a set table like this, the chances of anyone dumping anything here will reduce!

 Surreal Flower Head Planter

These home decor items can be found right here! Our Dinnerware Collection is worthy of being shown off every day all day!


  1. Smart Storage

This means you want to keep all of the similar items in one bin and arrange them according to their use. Depending on your home decor, you can have jute baskets or fancy plastic ones. Both of these have their own charm and will create the impression that you’ve got your life sorted! One thing you want to keep in mind is to avoid any kinds of lids on your storage bins. You’d get lazy to get involved in the whole opening and closing process and quit the task entirely.

Image Credit: Pinterest


So, there you have it!

Along with artistic furniture, you now have a way to ensure that your entire home goes well with the home decor you’ve picked! Charming and sophisticated are probably the words that suit your home best!

Even when you have kids, the above-mentioned systems shall work with a little bit of patience and adjustments.

An adorable and unique storage bowl that might help your kids learn the importance of keeping things in place is our Hungry Hippo Storage Bowl.  

Hungry Hippo Storage Bowl

Your home decor items might not be in the exact place you wanted them to be in, but we’re sure they’ll still look amazing!


Happy Home Decor and Organization to You!

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