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Life is Art, Let's live in color

by decorstorein Admin on March 11, 2020

Ever wondered why Holi is such a happy day? Because it’s the day of colours and music, festivities and laughter. Colours have a way of brightening our lives. Different colours have different types of impacts on our minds, moods and behaviours. The study of their impact on the human mind is called colour psychology, a concept we’ll talk about in this article.
Although there is a special day - Holi, March 10 - to celebrate colours, we must celebrate them everyday for bringing vibrancy and surprise to our lives. Colours are everywhere. The blue in the sky, the green in trees and the red in luscious strawberries are only examples to begin with.

This Holi, The Artment tells you a little bit about how colours affect and enrich our everyday lives – Warm colours like red, orange and yellow are known to incite feelings of joy and satisfaction in our brains. In fact, the colour red is known to enhance our appetite and make us ready and eager to eat! For when that happens, use The Artment’s bright Pop Plates to serve up your food.

Cool colours like green, blue and purple generally associated with feelings of calmness and peace. The colour is known purple are known to spark creativity since it is a mix of calm blue and fiery red. However, cool colours often make people sad and thoughtful as they begin to contemplate their life and circumstances. If you’ve caught a bad case of the blues, trust The
Artment’s Salvador Plates to spruce up your evening!
We all know the importance of a well-lit and lively workspace. Minimal but statement pieces add a pop of colour to your work area and help you simplify and beautify your workspace.
What’s more? Colourful décor like The Artment’s Subtle Pop Round Vases use the
psychological benefits offered by different colours to enliven your space. While the deep blue is bound to calm and soothe you, the orange and yellow is sure to reduce your stress levels and make you smile!

But if you can’t pick between warm colours or cool colours, blue or red and want a bright array of colours to adorn your home this Holi, we’ve got you covered. Holi is the festival of colours and The Artment’s Bohemian Chic Kilim Cushions celebrate colour like never before.

Inspired by Aztec prints and the bohemian lifestyle, the vibrant mix of colours on the cushions represents the Holi spirit and adds new life to your living space. The colour green symbolizes prosperity while white stands for goodness and purity, all of which we wish you are blessed with this Holi!