How to Design a Man Cave (the Family Can use as Well)

Home decor isn’t just about accommodating an individual’s needs. The living room, kitchen, dining space, and the open spaces need to be designed so that the entire family can have a good time and feel at home.

On the other hand, bedrooms are private spaces that can be designed keeping in mind personal preferences.

One such place, although a cliched term, is the man cave.

In an ideal situation, a man cave will be different from the rest of your artsy home decor. His own sanctuary.

Today, this article will let you in on how to use that spare room, and turn it into a man cave + family inclusive room.


How to Design a Man Cave (the Family Can use as Well)


  1. A Recreational Place

One of the best combinations for your home could be combining a rec room with the man cave. It’s a grown-up space that will appeal to the sophisticated side of your family. To create a rec + man cave type of room, you want to pick out a neutral palette of browns and beiges. As for the details, you want to wooden flooring, a screening area, soft ceiling lights, and a custom bar.


  1. A Moody Blue

For a luxurious looking room your home furnishing and decor should be done so that they can accommodate a calm and soothing atmosphere. Every activity to be carried out in the room should be clearly defined. Music area, relaxation space, or refreshment preparation area will have to fit in and stand out at the same time. One idea to explore for such spaces could be to use deep blue with browns and caramel hues. This creates a subtle contrast.


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  1. A Rustic Chic Look

This look might be the perfect one so far. It combines a masculine and gender-neutral home decor into one room. Everything, right from the curtains to the furniture will boast subtle shaded of beige and brown. For a dramatic effect you can add a gold chandelier and leather chairs.


How to Design a Man Cave (the Family Can use as Well)



For a perfectly rustic decor to ensure that the room looks big, you can hang our Hazel Mosaic Mirror anywhere you see fit.


  1. Warm Neutrals

Rather than opting for the regular colors, you could change things up and create a comfortable room using warm colors. The best way to implement this would be to have an accent wall with a soft brown tone, along with furniture that does not contrast it. Add a bunch of different textures to the room. Hints of white would light up this warm and cozy family + man cave room.  


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  1. Designing A Small Room

In a modern home, you might not have a large space to create your family + man cave appropriate room. But if you still want to do so, you can bring in a chunky sofa with a beige upholstery, and add small elements around the room. You should check out some perfectly pop worthy cushion covers, which will offer a focal point to your room.


How to Design a Man Cave (the Family Can use as Well)


  1. A Karaoke Room

Music is for everybody. So, this room decor idea is meant to please every member of your family. A glamorous karaoke room with gold ornamentation and accents will have you feeling like a VIP in no time. Lacquered walls will be perfect for this room. Along with this, you could create a regal look by adding a couple of The Artment’s Retro Night Lights.


How to Design a Man Cave (the Family Can use as Well) 


Home decor is really that simple.

Keeping in mind the requirements and the taste of family members will give you a perfect looking and feeing home.

This was our take on designing a Man Cave + Family Room.

What do you think of it?

Have more ideas?

Share them with us!

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