Tea Blending Techniques - 5 DIY Tea Blend Recipes

Tea Blending Techniques: The Art of Fusing Flavors for your Morning Tea

Tea is an essential part of our daily lives. For a lot of us, tea is part of our daily morning routine. It’s only natural to want to experiment with its many flavors. This is where the art of tea blending comes in.

Let’s first understand what tea blending is all about.

The tea blend is the combination of different teas into one end product. This is majorly done with black tea as a base. It can also happen with green tea that has a lesser concentration of caffeine.

How to Make Your Tea Blends:

Every tea blend has a base that hosts the added flavors. You can experiment with tea blending by starting with small quantities so that you so can understand the flavors you like, and play around with additional elements.



Some Common DIY Tea Blends:

Although there are a lot of places that sell a vast range of tea blends, there is something so fulfilling about doing stuff with your hands. 



We bring you 5 interesting DIY tea blends to try making yourself.


1. Rose Breakfast Blend

Breakfast teas are usually black teas that are strong and blended well. They are taken with sugar and milk by most. For the traditional Breakfast Blend, use Darjeeling and Assam tea.

For this easy tea blend, all you need is good-quality black tea and a few rosebuds to infuse the flavor. Grind the rosebuds and well and mix with the tea to achieve a subtle rose taste in your tea.


 2. Tropical Pu’erh

If you want to reap the benefits of pu’erh but don’t like that strong a flavor, you can create your blend with your favorites. You can add various candied fruits to it to mellow down the flavor and make it more palatable. Adjust the ratio to suit your taste. 

For this, you can blend the ingredients and keep trying till you hit the taste you most enjoy. For a faster blending technique, simply blend pu’erh tea with your favorite fruit tea.


3. Chamomile Herbal

If you are looking for a calming tea without caffeine that you can drink in the evening or before sleeping, chamomile is the best herb to use. This tea is good for soothing yourself and beneficial for digestion problems.

Blend chamomile, licorice root, and valerian or ginger root to get the perfect taste for this tea.


4. Rosemary Tea:

Combine mint, sage, thyme, and rosemary to prepare this delightful blend. Since this is a caffeine-free tea, it is safe to drink throughout the day.



5. Passionflower Magic:

Another recipe for a calming tea! Sip on this after a long and tiring day to feel all your stress melt away. Combine lemon balm, passionflower, skullcap, chamomile, and spearmint. You can also add valerian root to make it a before-sleep tea.

There is no definite tea blending formula. You just have to get your hands dirty, and you will discover wonderful new flavors that you can then share with your loved ones.

So, start blending and experimenting with new flavors. Make your daily tea an even more magical moment.

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