5 Table Decor Ideas For Your Next Dinner Party

If you want your next dinner party to be a show stopper, you need to step up your table decor game! Dinner parties are one of those things that everyone looks forward to. Besides, one can never run out of reasons to throw one!

Whatever your special excuse for a festivity may be, the party table is going to be the center of attention. If you want to make your mark as the best host, you need to make sure everything falls according to plan. 

Of course, the star of the show will be the sophisticated menu you curate. But, if the table doesn’t look as rich and impressive as the food, your guests will be disappointed. 

Feeling inspired? Check out these 5 table decor ideas for your next dinner party! 

DIY table decor ideas

1. Find the perfect tablecloth to match the vibe.

At a dinner party set-up, the table is the most important element in the room. To highlight the table, one must pick the perfect tablecloth that matches the vibe of the dinner party. 

If you are in the mood for something simple yet elegant, block-printed linens are the ideal choice. Pick colors that complement the walls of your room and have simple hues. Botanical motifs are usually the popular choice. 

And, if you want to experiment, you can play around with the fabric and go for silk or muslin instead of linen. Make sure you use complementary block-printing napkins to complete the table. 

2. Centerpieces

A centerpiece completes the table if you are hosting an intimate dinner party with a few guests. Centerpieces not only fill up space on the table but are also super useful. A basket centerpiece is an incredible table decor idea for a dinner party, and it is simple, chic, and affordable! You can fill your basket with fruits like apples, pears, oranges, walnuts, etc. 

If the basket centerpiece is too mainstream for your taste, you can go for a trendy charcuterie board. Fill your charcuterie board with different kinds of cheese, cherries, crackers, hummus, grapes, and you’re good to go! 

3. Place cards

To build your reputation as the perfect dinner party host, take your table decor to the next level with the help of place cards. You can create a multifunctional card that is a place card and the party menu at the same time. 

This will not only make it easy for you to plan the seating arrangement, but your guests will know what to expect from the menu. When paired with a wrapped napkin, place cards make the perfect table decor accessory! 

4. Flowers and greenery

As simple as it may sound, flowers are some of the best dinner party decor ideas. If you are throwing a dinner party on a budget, supplement the fancy accessories for bright flowers and foraged greenery. You can use decanters, tumblers, ice buckets, vases, etc., filled with a bold mix of greenery and blossoms. 

Flowers add a summery feel to dinner parties, and they are pleasant and can help lighten everyone’s mood. Try to pick flowers that contrast the tablecloth and glassware. 

5. Coasters

More than a decorative piece, coasters are a must for dinner parties. Coasters protect the table’s surface and add an elegant touch to the table decor. Pick coasters that are sturdy and solid-colored. If you can’t find coasters that match the rest of the table decoration, you can simply make your own. 

Handmade coasters are not just unique, but they can also be customized according to the table's vibe! In addition, you can wow your guests with your crafty skills. 

Curating the perfect dinner party table is all about expressing one’s creativity! Make sure you are familiar with the etiquettes and have the right cutlery. While dinner parties allow for room for creativity, there is also a formal way to set the table. Your table setting must have napkins, table runners, placemats, glassware, and flatware. All the other details can be made to fit your style! 

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