5 Home Decor Essesntials



Home decor is a subject that has many layers. But as a novice, there are but a few things to keep in mind when decorating or redecorating any space and that is to pick a theme and follow it till the deed is done. 

There is nothing as dreadful as mismatched decor. Decor is meant to make sense, even in the most absurd of ways but still make sense. 

Keep in mind to not confuse home designing with decorating as these two are quite different. Decorating is an end step of the home designing process. 

There are a few essentials of decor that are unavoidable and every space usually requires all of these checked to be considered complete. 



1. Home-Furnishing

Essentials like couches, tables, beds, and sofas should be the first to be chosen to set the style of the decor. This however is common to almost every space. Every space has one main furniture piece and smaller complementary furnishings. But to do something different you can add various unconventional styles of seating like kilim cushions and ottomans and different styles of tables and chairs.



2. Wall Decor

Incorporating paintings or art into your decor adds character to your space. Art is a medium of expression and the type of art you choose for decoration can portray the kind of personality you have. Wall decor however is not limited just to that, there are various metallic wall decor pieces that work just as well to improve the look of your space. 


Check out Lost in thoughts Modern Abstract Acrylic on Canvas Painting to get a good option for an artist original for your home.

An essential component of wall decor is wall clocks. Wall clocks are a necessity but there is no reason that they cat be artful and luxurious.



3. Table Decor

A classy piece of table decor can make all the difference. Where you work, study or spend your days, it does good to add a piece of decoration. It tends to beautify the space and also keep your spirits high.

Artifacts, table planters, stationery holders, anything can be used as a good piece of table decor. Whatever your taste, you must ensure to not leave your tables bare.



4. Mirror

While mirrors aren’t necessary for every space, they certainly add brightness and give the illusion of more space than is actually there due to their reflective surfaces.


They can also make any space aesthetically pleasing. Also, if you are a believer in Feng Shui philosophy then you would be well aware of the pros of a well-placed mirror.



5. Lighting

Lighting is as necessary as any piece of decor can get. A well-lit space gives off positive vibes and makes any space feel homely. Lighting is very important to any sort of decor and playing with different designs for lighting like sconces, lamps can reinvent the look of your decor. 



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