MOON LAMP- The ultimate gift of love – The artment
MOON LAMP- The ultimate gift of love
MOON LAMP- The ultimate gift of love
MOON LAMP- The ultimate gift of love
MOON LAMP- The ultimate gift of love
MOON LAMP- The ultimate gift of love

    MOON LAMP- The ultimate gift of love

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      Best Valentine’s Day gift for your significant! Look no further for a unique gift that is sure to awe and capture a moment in time.

      Some nights, when the moon is large and full, we marvel at its grandeur.
      The moon is full of imperfections but it’s still beautiful and a pleasure to watch. It has beauty and elegance without reason. Like the moon, every relationship is beautiful and reflects beauty despite being imperfect in some aspects. Together, a couple shines in the darkness of life and gives way to the path of light.

      Moon symbolizes love and beauty and there is the ultimate Valentine’s day gift for your better half.
      Just as the moon shines, taking away the darkness of the night, your partner stays with you during all ups and downs to take away all your problems of life.

      This Valentine’s day, gift your special someone the ultimate symbol of love- Our beloved MOON LAMP. Celebrate love, celebrate life and thrive on imperfections.


      Fill your day with celestial beauty and give the moon to your Sun the perfect Valentine’s day gift.
      1. Moon lamp dinner- Set up the perfect ambience by taking them out on a moon light dinner rather than the classic candle light dinner.
      2. Surprise them by decorating their room by keeping lit up moon lamps on their nightstand or side table.
      3. Plan a pool-play-date by taking multiple moon lamps and floating them on the water.
      4. Plan a garden set-up by using string lights and moon lamps to create a romantic vibe.
            • Material: Plastic body and wooden holder
            • Dimensions: Regular size is 15 CM diameter and large size is 20 CM diameter.
            • *LED light source included
            • *Recharges with USB 

             Night Lights 3D Printed Magical Moon Night Light

            • All colored utensils should be washed by hand to maintain the integrity of the plating.
            • Avoid using steamers & dishwashers to clean the utensils.

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