Royalé Blue Vintage Mug - The Artment
Royalé Blue Vintage Mug - The Artment
Royalé Blue Vintage Mug - The Artment
Royalé Blue Vintage Mug - The Artment
Royalé Blue Vintage Mug - The Artment
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    Royalé Blue Vintage Mug

      About The Product

      Subtle Elegance at its Best in Classic Blue and White!

      The Royalé Blue Vintage Mug a royal way to enjoy your favorite beverage. It’s perfect for your home, weddings, corporate events, restaurants, and every occasion where you want to impress. The color combination on these mugs gives it a rich and soft look, suitable for every occasion; or a movie night.

        Royalé Blue Vintage Mug  

      The use of classic color combination to print the gorgeous pattern enables you to enjoy the seasons' special beverage sitting in the comfort of your home. It could be your escape from the daily. Blush blue patterns printed on a white porcelain base creates an elegant drinkware perfect for you!

      ABOUT the ART

      Kraak is a very beautiful and ancient type of art form from the mystic land of China. Kraak porcelain is believed to be named after the Portuguese ships (Carracks), in which it was transported.

        Royalé Blue Vintage Mug  

      The plates, dishes, and bowls, decorated in the blue and white ground, were named ‘Kraak Porcelain’, a name which has long since been associated with a particular type of Chinese export porcelain, not only by the Dutch, but also by other countries.   



      • Material: Ceramic
      • Technique: Decal Printing on Glossy Glazed Stoneware
      • Dimensions: Dia- 7.5cm, H- 9.5cm
      • Classic blue and white colors


      • Clean design and elegant look
      • High quality and durable
      • Suitable for serving different beverages
      • Kraak inspired color palette

      The Gift Box that The Artment sends consists of the Royalé Blue Vintage Mug with a triple layering of bubble-wrap and safely packed in a box.

        Royalé Blue Vintage Mug  
      • The mugs are gorgeous to be placed in the display cabinet
      • Perfect for a romantic ambiance café or restaurant
      • Pair the mugs with similar dinnerware or serveware items to increase its essence
      • The mugs are a great gifting idea to your loved ones
      • The cool blues of the mug will be perfect when placed on the table with complementary colors like grey, blue, and blacks


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