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Majestic Earth Dessert Plates - The artment
Majestic Earth Dessert Plates - The artment
Majestic Earth Dessert Plates - The artment
Majestic Earth Dessert Plates - The artment

    Majestic Earth Dessert Plates

    Rs. 2,199.00
      About The Product

      Dessert Plates that Create a Sense of Luxury and Sophistication

      The unconventional and unique design that we see on each and every piece of these dessert plates can be highly related to different design elucidations by numerous artists of the Surrealism period. Featuring luxury through the surreal views of the Earth's beauty, this exquisite porcelain and gold set provides a lovely presentation for your table.

      Majestic Earth Dessert Plates

      The Majestic Earth Dessert Plates are the epitome of sophistication with its ivory, teal, and gold combination along with its modish form. Each bowl is unique in its own way resembling the majestic earth and giving us a feeling of grandeur.

      Majestic Earth Dessert Plates

      Surrealism gives you a passage to think and imagine various things from a creative perspective. This creative freedom makes Surrealism a fluid art form. Typically, this art is to express the creativity of the unconscious mind.

      Majestic Earth Dessert Plates

      In terms of design, Surrealist art shows a lot of freedom. This freedom to use colors in designs has given us the beauty of these plates. They are truly a piece of art.


      • Dimensions: Dia- 21cm
      • Material: Porcelain
      • Technique: Decal Print on Glossy Glazed Plate
      • Sold in set of 2, 4, and 6 plates


      • Clean design and elegant look
      • High quality and durable
      • Dishwasher and Microwave safe
      • Wipe Clean, Handle with Care

      The Gift Box that The Artment sends consists of the Majestic Earth Dessert Plates with a triple layering of bubble-wrap and safely packed in a box.

      Majestic Earth Dessert Plates
      • The porcelain dessert plates can be paired with other porcelain dinnerware items, such as plates, and drinkware
      • These porcelain bowls will look good in your cabinet and add an aesthetic element
      • The Majestic Earth Dessert Plates can be used during special occasions, like birthdays or anniversaries, perfect for a large party
      • Place them on your dinner table with a decorative porcelain vase in colors like blush pink, gray, or emerald
      • The dessert plates can be paired with gold cutlery
      • Enjoy a movie night with delicious desserts


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