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Buddha's Tibetan Aesthetics Canvas - The Artment
Buddha's Tibetan Aesthetics Canvas - The Artment
Buddha's Tibetan Aesthetics Canvas - The Artment
Buddha's Tibetan Aesthetics Canvas - The Artment
Buddhism in Thangka Style Canvas - The Artment

    Buddha's Tibetan Aesthetics Canvas (Matte Finish)

    Rs. 1,399.00
      About The Product

      A Cultural Shift in Decor!

      The Buddha's Tibetan Aesthetics Canvas is a digitally printed canvas inspired by a local art form native to Nepal and Tibet. Originally, the style was used to paint scrolls that other monks would take around and impart the teachings of Buddha. Our canvas captures the softness of Gautam Buddha in the Thangka style painting.

        Buddha's Tibetan Aesthetics Canvas   

      The unique elements of the Buddha's Tibetan Aesthetics Canvas come from the Nepali and Tibetan styles of painting. One of them is the use of pink lotuses which is the symbol of enlightenment. Usually, these paintings would be used for meditation practices, and you can see how they will add peace to your decor! 

        Buddhism in Thangka Style Canvas    

      If you want to purchase a set of canvases to create a cohesive look, opt for Buddhism in Thangka Style Canvas! This set of two canvases will bring together your decor wonderfully! The second canvas of this gorgeous set is going to be the right purchase for you. Check out the Kalchakra Mandala Canvas!

      ABOUT the ART 
        Indian Folk Art  

      Thangka style of painting was traditionally used in Nepal and Tibet to create scrolls containing the messages of Lord Buddha. Religious scholars would take these scrolls and teach people meditation and religion. Most of the time you will see bright colors used to create intricate details in the painting. 

        Buddha's Tibetan Aesthetics Canvas   

      A thangka painting would contain any of the eight auspicious elements, namely: bright pink or red lotus flowers, a victory banner, a white parasol or umbrella, the endless knot, fishes in pairs, a treasure vase, and the dharma wheel. All of these elements have their own importance and story.   



      • Dimensions: Small- 30cm, Medium- 40cm, Large- 50cm
      • Material: Canvas
      • Technique: Digital Printing
      • Sold with Wooden Frame without Outer Rim
      • Matte Finish
      • Available as Single and Set of Two Canvases


      • Clean design and elegant look
      • High quality
      • Durable Art Work
      • Handle with Care

      Note: The color of the actual product may slightly vary from the images shown as the images are shot in different lighting.


      The Gift Box that the Artment sends consists of the Buddha's Tibetan Aesthetics Canvas and the Buddhism in Thangka Style Canvas with a triple layering of bubble wrap and safely packed in a box.

        Buddha's Tibetan Aesthetics Canvas  
      • The Buddha's Tibetan Aesthetics Canvas is a beautiful addition to your Minimal or Modern style home or office decor
      • It will go well with a subtle grey and white decor or for a bold look can be paired with darker backdrops
      • Display the wall art on a plain wall to enhance the look of the space
      • When paired with gold elements, the wall art shall become an eye-catching element of the decor
      • The wall art is a perfect piece for your foyer arranged with wooden and natural accents
      • Buy the entire set to elevate the look of your home decor or cafes and restaurants


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