Bohemian Stringed Tea Cup - The Artment
Bohemian Stringed Tea Cup - The Artment
Bohemian Stringed Tea Cup - The Artment
Bohemian Stringed Tea Cup - The Artment
Bohemian Stringed Tea Cup - The Artment
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    Bohemian Stringed Tea Cup

      About The Product

      It’s Your Time to Become an Expert at the Art of Serving Tea and Coffee!

      The Bohemian Stringed Tea Cup is the kind of cup that anyone would love! Its simplicity is inspired by the fun and casual Bohemian Art form. The easy-going black and white of the cup is elevated by the gold handle to give it that luxurious yet simple look.

        Bohemian Stringed Tea Cup   

      If you were to serve your loved ones their favorite beverage in these tea cups, there’s no doubt that they’d be impressed with it! Imagine yourself sitting in your balcony, with the setting sun, and the colors of the cloud reflecting off this gorgeous cup! What a wonderful feeling it would be! In fact, the Bohemian Stringed Tea Cup is the perfect snuggle cup!

      ABOUT the ART


      The "Bohemians" are unconventional, usually artistic, and wandering souls. The Bohemian style, in a nutshell, can be described as eccentric, unique, and artistic. The style has elements such as layering, color blocking, and several other patterns used in their designs that are not seen elsewhere.

        Bohemian Stringed Tea Cup  

      Our Bohemian collection is all about bright, colorful, and chic designs and we are in love with it. There is something magical about this collection that brings out your creative and free-spirited side in the front row. Elements like geometric prints, multiple textures, and handcrafted designs, make each and every product of this collection exceptional.



      • Material: Ceramic
      • Technique: Slip Casting, Glazing, Hand Painted
      • Dimension: Total Dia- 9.2cm, Mouth Dia- 8.8cm, H- 7cm


      • Simple design and elegant look
      • High quality and durable
      • Luxurious look
      • Dishwasher Safe



      The Gift Box that The Artment sends consists of the Bohemian Stringed Tea Cup with a triple layering of bubble-wrap and safely packed in a box.

        Bohemian Stringed Tea Cup  
      • The hand-painted cups are perfect to style with any kind of tea kettle given its monochrome color scheme
      • When used during a festive occasion with silverware, the cups will accommodate the festive look without being too loud
      • The monochrome color of the cups is perfect or a romantic ambience for a special night, or a restaurant decor
      • The Bohemian Stringed Tea Cup can be used to entertain a large group of people and create an impression with your exquisite taste
      • Pair the cups with any color scheme including olive green, blush pink, or grey tones for an enhanced look
      • They are sure to enhance the look of your show cabinet as well


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