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Black Metal Toilet Paper Holder - The artment
Black Metal Toilet Paper Holder - The artment
Black Metal Toilet Paper Holder - The artment
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    Black Metal Toilet Paper Holder

      About The Product

      Revamp your Apartment with our Finest Hand-Picked Product

      The sleek curved lines of The Artment’s Black Metal Toilet Paper Holder changes the look of your bathroom. If you need an elegant and minimal touch to change up the aesthetic of your bathroom, here is the perfect product for you!
      Black Metal Toilet Paper Holder Each piece is designed and shaped based on how the hand interacts with it, creating a comfortable hold. Only the most durable and rust-resistant premium metal is used, so you know it will last you a lifetime.

      Minimalism emerged in New York in the 1960s, characterized by extreme simplicity of form and a literal, objective approach. The concept relies on the belief that instead of owning a lot, the focus should be shifted to owning necessary items and living a clutter-free life. Today, the idea of minimalism fits well into our lives, owing to the acceptance of sustainability, functionality, ergonomics.

      Black Metal Toilet Paper Holder

      Strategically enough, the metal has been powder-coated. This method of applying paint makes the paint more durable, so it won’t chip when it comes in contact with water. Minimalism is not only about the looks, but functionality as well. 


      • Dimensions: Height- 7" Width- 6" 
      • Material: Metal
      • Finish: Powder coating
      Black Metal Toilet Paper Holder


      • Clean and elegant design
      • High-end quality
      • Long-lasting
      • Water-resistant
      • Minimal and sleek design


      The Gift Box that The Artment sends consists of the Black Metal Toilet Paper Holder with a triple layering of bubble-wrap and safely packed in a box.


      • The holder is an ideal product to enhance the look of your washroom
      • It goes well with beige and soft-colored bathroom tiles
      • Use it to hang your subtly pigmented hand towed beside the washbasin 
      • Pair the black bold yet sleek metal hanger with accent lights to add focus
      • Dense accents work well with the powder-coated finish of the metal
      Black Metal Toilet Paper Holder


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