For a story like Francis Bacon and George Dyer

Love is Love. When it’s love, the bond is between the souls, not bodies. Dive into our Surreal love date box range when you accept your partner for who they are. When you not only accept their flaws, but also love them for it, You reach a higher level. The date of dreams. The Surreal Love date. With celestial elements like our beloved Moon lamp, Horse shot glasses and lightning plates, this date will take your relationship to the next level.

For a story like Francis Bacon and George Dyer

Their story is the rarest of them all. They were each other's strengths as well as weaknesses. According to Bacon “George was down the far end of the bar and he came over and said ‘You all seem to be having a good time, can I buy you a drink?’’. Above all, he offered the artist an escape from the tortures of his over-intellectual mind.

Creative , elegant and mesmerising, the Surreal Date box is for Lovers and soulmates. For a date of fun and frolic, this box has the perfect gifts- Best selling pair of horse shot glasses along with the most romantic valentine’s gift- Moon lamp and lightning plates are sure to make this date worth their while. Get all this for just Rs. 5,499.00

This combo contains:
2x Lightning Plates , 2x Horse Shot Glasses , 1x Moon Lamp