You’re as good as gold with The Artment’s all-new Ritz Collection

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Gold is commonly perceived as the colour of wealth and extravagance. While it is the colour associated with excess, it also signifies illumination, love, courage, compassion and wisdom with some glitz and glam on the side because that’s never a bad thing! When somebody associates the colour gold with you, they’re definitely giving you a compliment. You’re a generous, larger-than-life person who values the little things in life. 

The Ritz Collection by The Artment

There is no time better than now to re-welcome the gold in your life. Let life get tougher, but you’ll always be a golden person with The Artment’s dainty but beautiful Ritz Collection of everyday crockery. Gold is meant to be enjoyed and cherished, not ignored because it’s too luxurious for routine life. In this article, The Artment talks about the ways in which you can open your daily life up to art with everyday objects, especially the exquisite Ritz Collection!

For your daily one, two, or twenty cups of chai

The Ritz Amelia Tea-cups

This is the perfect season to curl up with chai. Everybody’s doing it. But why should your quiet quality me-time be devoid of luxury? Next time you make those repeated cups of chai, remember The Artment’s Ritz Inaya Teacups’s smooth embellished surface. These luxury teacups are designed to deliver to you, your daily dose of pleasure, and make the simplest of moments in your day, special as special can be. 

The Artment’s Ritz Inaya Teacups’

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For those endless mugs of coffee

Coffee is sacred for the sophisticated. It represents waking up, rising to the occasion, being alert and being vigilant. A coffee-lover’s daily coffee ritual is not only special and sacred, it is meditative. And any coffee-lover will tell you that the mug matters. It adds to the experience. The Artment’s Ritz Gold Striped Mug is perfect for your serene coffee experience. 

The Artment’s Ritz Gold Striped Mug

Coated with the classic ivory-combination, this mug is bound to catch your attention first thing in the morning, centre you and bring you back to your wise, golden self. What’s more? It’s a tall mug, which means more coffee. Which means more caffeine. Which is awesome. 

The Ritz Gold Star Mug

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For the Tumblr-lover, the Pinterest-scroller, the Instagram influencer 

Fashion influencers know that gold is a way of life. Gold-coloured jewellery, gold trinkets, gold make-up is a way to splurge on oneself. The Artment brings to you, the most social media-friendly cups on the internet - The Ritz Gold Leo Teacups. Pose with these on your handles and let the world know about your cute, chic yet elegant style. While you post those dewy #wokeuplikethis photos with Leo Teacups of chai or coffee in your hands, also welcome the internal sense of calm and centeredness that comes from beholding a beautiful piece of crockery. 

The Ritz Gold Leo Teacups.

Open the doors for gold to penetrate the quietest, most cherished parts of your life. Little moments like being given a “gold star” by your math teacher way back when, doing well at work and being told that your work ethic is “ solid gold”, when your friends tell you they love you and call you the “gold standard” of friendship - these are the golden moments that count. You are pure gold.

The Ritz Collection by The Artment

With The Artment’s extravagant yet subtle Ritz Collection, you will never have to skimp out on gold in your life. Luxury and wealth exists in the smallest of moments and spaces. It’s up to us to find it. 

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    Would love to get the bohemian black and white striped mugs. Please help

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