Why play by the rules when you can break free with Art?


Art has no rules. That's what makes it art.” -Grace-Naomi

70 years ago, our great founding fathers laid down some rules for India to become the biggest and greatest democracy that it is but it’s 2020 and now we're what India is. We are culture, We are heritage and most importantly, We are Art.

 Ever heard of the concept of how Art frees us? We know for a fact that it does. Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness. 

Art is freeing in true sense, it gives you the freedom to think differently, to present your ideas to the World and to Create something extraordinary. We are Art and We are finally here. Here to break the routine, Here to break the ground, here to break the internet and Finally, We are here to break free with Art.

Republic Day, one of India’s prominent national festivals, is fast approaching and We are ready for it with all our he(Art).The Artment presents the exclusive Republic day sale 2020 through our very own  #WeAreArt campaign where We celebrate the rules by going all out and breaking free with Art. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the #WeAreArt campaign

  1. It’s going to be CRAZY creative

Get ready for this decor Republic day sale 2020 and RSVP now to become a part of the Artment family. We want you to get creative- to mix and match, to have fun while you shop , to go all out, just as us.

      2.It’s an exclusive event, so RSVP NOW!

It’s Easy, Just RSVP to the sale from your email or Website and wait for your exclusive link which is the pass to this exclusive sale. Remember, the sale starts Midnight. When the clock strikes 12, begins the magic.

       3.The Offers will Blow your mind

This is a website-wide home decor sale online so  you can order any two products for the price of one. You can pick anything from the whole Artment collection. Yes! It’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for - An entry pass for  one of the most exclusive, Invite only BOGO sales online for a limited period of time.

       4.Grab a pen and paper and Note these things down:

  • You can RSVP for the sale using your email ID here, from our e-mailers and on our website.
  • You’ll get your exclusive link exactly at 8 pm on 25th January. Keep it close for this season's most exclusive deals online.
  • The sale goes live at Midnight and stays that way for exactly 24 hours.
  • It’s a Website wide sale so You can buy anything you want at crazy price-drops in this online home decor sale.

So What are you still waiting for? We suggest you to hurry up, Giddy up and Get going.  RSVP and reserve your place for one of the most sought after BOGO sales online.

Pro Tip: The sale starts an hour before on our App so Download our app to stay ahead in the game.*


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