5 Unique Ways To Use Glass As Part Of Your Home Decor

Our home is not just a brick and mortar building, but it is the abode of our memories. So, how do you make your house appear luxurious without compromising on your budget- the solution is using glass wherever possible. 

Glass helps give a refined look to your home- minimalist yet elegant; it also makes the room look larger since glass helps create an illusion. There are multiple ways to incorporate glass into your home decor. 

It is one of the oldest and most widely used decor accompaniments. Think back to the Rajput palaces and their opulent Sheesh Mahal or the baroque churches of Europe with the fabulous tinted glass windows.

There is a certain degree of romance and luxury that only glass decor can add and no other metal apart from gold, but that’s not really a practical option!

So, how do you use glass as part of your home decor?



5 Ways to use glass for home decor


Before we proceed with using glass for home decor, we should first learn the kind of glasses that can be used. Some of the common glasses used for home decoration and interior designing are:

  • Tinted glass
  • Tempered glass
  • Toughened glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Insulated glass
  • Double glazing glass


Let us learn how to add glass to your home.


Glass windows are all the rage and are beautiful to look at, with floor-to-ceiling windows being the best option. They allow natural light to enter your house and make the area look spacious. 

The uninterrupted view from glass windows is fantastic, and tempered glass is the best choice for your home. Offices also use these types of windows. If you live in colder areas, you can use wooden shutters on top. Dress the windows with heavy curtains to maintain your privacy. 



Glass walls

Glass for walls? Are you excited by this unique proposition! The structural glass walls welcome the natural light into your house with minimal detailing and no intrusive framework while providing all the protection, comfort, and safety you require. Bring a sense of luxury into your space with glass walls.

You can use glass in your shower room or even in other parts of the house as well.

Glass installation

If you are not sure about making glass a big part of your home, you can incorporate glass installation. Pretty and elegant- these home decor items can instantly lift your mood and be able to add a touch of aesthetic to them!

Glass vases



Glass vases are the easiest way to incorporate glass decor items into your home. Strategically place a glass vase around your house- on the bedside table, beside the entrance, in the living room, or even on the dining table, the options are in plentitude to choose from. You can add fresh flowers to the vase and make your home look vibrant and elegant with very little time and effort.

The Apartment has two unique glass vases from their Minimalism collection:

Minimal Frenzy Glass is priced at ₹999.

Minimal See-through Flower Vase at ₹999.

Glass crockery



One of the most common and safest ways to use glass is in crockeries for the uninitiated. Glassware is beautiful to look at, and as barware and serveware, it helps enhance the food and drink you serve your guest. The Apartment has a huge collection of glass barware and serveware for you to choose from. Each piece is uniquely crafted and has an elegant finish. 

Some of our popular offerings are:

Minimalist Glass Flower Petal Bowl at ₹699

Modern Art Vintage Embossed Glass at ₹999

Engraved Whiskey Tumbler at ₹1199

These are some of the eye-catching ways of adding glass as part of your home decor routine.


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