Tips on How to Host a Brunch Party for Your Loved Ones!

A brunch party is a great way to indulge in some mid-day enjoyment with all the people you love.

Whether it is a birthday get-together, house warming, baby shower, or just another regular once a year meet, brunch parties are cool!

Hosting parties at home may sound like a task, but when it comes to brunch, it’s all quick and easy.

Parties need to have a hint of art in them… In fact, the word says so itself!

See, pARTies!

And since the Artment is all about art combined with home decor, making your life easier, we thought we’d swing our take on a few tips to host a perfect brunch.

Shall we?


  1. The Etiquettes

Brunches are all about having fun. To ensure that everybody is having a good time, you want to plan a buffet-style service. This will let you actually talk to people, instead of running around the house, serving food, like it was a formal dinner.

You also want to plan ahead. Make a list of things you need to buy… Say buying a delicate dinnerware collection suitable for a day even, or sending out invitations well in advance.

Your planning should accommodate the likes and dislikes of your guests, so make sure you hear from them before finalizing anything.


Azure Ixora Dinner Set - The Artment


  1. Selecting a Day and Time

While in an ideal situation a brunch party could be organized any day, you want to check a couple of things, including the weather and guests who have 9-5 jobs. Weekends are the best to plan such events. You also want to make sure that your home decor is point to impress your guests.

Brunch time is generally 10 AM, but you can make changes according to your and your guests’ convenience.


  1. The Drinks

No party can start or end without drinks! You want to serve a variety of drinks, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Our Summer Story Glass set is perfect for both these drinks. People can choose what they want, and if not, they’ll be an eye-pleaser.

Summer Story Glass Set - The Artment

You also want to serve tea and coffee for those guests who would rather enjoy warm beverages.

We have an entire range of drinkware collection that you can check and purchase for this awesome brunch you’re planning!


  1. Creating that Menu

There are just some basic tips that you might want to follow, no rules to bound you though. One thing to try and have is a variety of options, taking care of people with allergies, and considering their likes and dislikes. Don’t have foods that require last minute preparations. You also might want to have some fruits cut and displayed for an aesthetic effect. Lastly, keep all your food served and ready to be dug into.


Serving a warm dish? We’ve got the perfect casserole for you. The minimal and clear design will allow your guests to take a peek into what you’re serving!


Minimalist Clear Glass Casserole - The Artment


  1. Select a Theme

There are a couple of ideas that could be explored here. Having a coffee and cake bar is a great option for a family who loves their sweets. Or you could organize a nice garden party where the seating and food arrangements could all be organic. Bring out your cushions and pouffes with some throw blankets for a relaxing time.


Cushions and Pouffes - The Artment 


In the end, all you want to do is have a good time.

No matter what kind of brunch you’re organizing, keep it art-filled and fun.

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