The Victorian Tea ‘Afterparty’

The Victorian tea party is an elaborate affair. Everything is designed to ensure a leisurely afternoon filled with tea, snacks, and chit-chatter.

Would you like to pay homage to this age-old English tradition and throw a little tea party of your own?

In this article, The Artment's home decor experts tell you how to prepare and throw a tea party that is the epitome of sophistication and elegance, just like the British kings and queens of yore.
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Pick out your crockery

Setting the table for a lovely tea party is all about the crockery you choose to serve your tea and eatables in. Think floral patterns, ceramic plates, and minimalist serveware. Pastel shades and light colours are your best friends.

Another tip is to pay attention to detail! Decide on a theme or a light color and match your table napkins, cutlery, tea set and even your outfit with your decided theme to make everything look prim and proper.
For the perfect tea party-themed crockery, check out The Artment's exquisite Victorian Collection of dining plate set, bowls and teacups.

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Be picky about your teacups

The tea set and cups are the centre of a good tea party. You want to use cups that are beautiful to look at and comfortable to hold. For a Victorian-themed party, floral teacups are the best match but feel free to use different designs.
Essentially, the cups should be aesthetically pleasing. In fact, the look and feel of the cups are so important that back in the Victorian era, hostesses would hand-paint their China to add a personal touch to the party! Learn how to do that here!
If you’re not too much of a painter, use The Artment’s fine Black Floral Cups and Saucers and matching dining plate set to go with them. The aesthetic and practicality of your teacups is paramount, so choose wisely! However, if you’re choosing to serve coffee (which is just fine), pick The Artment’s Luxury Crystal Paradise Glasses that are embedded with floral motifs.

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Pre-plan a table arrangement

A lot about a Victorian-themed tea party lies in its effortlessness – the guests should not have to make an effort to self-serve and the décor and organization should be impeccable. Since the tea and the snacks are the foundations of a good party, you might want to think about how to
arrange them most appropriately and conveniently for your guests.
And remember, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The less cluttered your table is, the more sophisticated your party will be. Here are some simple minimalist tips to beautify your space!
You could place the tea in the centre and the food items surrounding it. Or, you could pre-serve the food items and ask a helper to do rounds with the tea so as to minimize your guests’ effort. This method might give you extra points for hospitality!
Décor items like fresh flowers in The Artment’s Hurricane Vases or Flask Planters may add an element of freshness to your table arrangement and enhance the mood of the party.

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Decide on a menu

Good conversation is the essence of a great tea party. This means that your guests shouldn’t have to worry about anything else other than socializing. They shouldn’t have to worry about cleaning their hands before a friendly handshake or constantly looking for napkins. This means that the food you serve at your party should be convenient and easy to consume.
Examples of snacks that are easy to consume and go with the vibe of a Victorian tea party are food items like mini finger sandwiches, cream biscuits, various types of fruits and nuts, olives, cheeses, and chocolate.


Pro tip! Attach little toothpicks to all your food items or keep them handy for guests to use. This detail may add a touch of flair and elegance to your organization. The Artment’s Victorian-themed Flower Cap Trinket Case would be perfect for this!

These are only suggestions. Use this article to kick-start your creativity and host a tea party that is Victorian at its core but still uniquely you!


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