The Magic of Mixing Black and White in Decor

How To Mix Black And White In Your Home

There is something aesthetically pleasing about monochromatic looks in decor. A timeless color combination is the mix of black and white in various decor segments. Interior designers often suggest this color combination to their clients, as it works for any space. The stark contrast of these two colors is such a wonder, as it can work in the boldest or the most subtle of manners.


Monochrome does not have to mean boring. When applied correctly, this design concept works in a manner that brings the room to life. There are countless ways to use these colors in a way that is interesting and engaging.

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There are no limitations to these colors as they are easily applied to any space of your home, be it your bedroom or kitchen, your bathroom, or the living room. They can be used in a variety of ways, and there are no rigid rules that have to be followed when employing these shades in your home decor.


Incorporating this scheme isn’t as hard as it may seem. Start small when you are new to using the black and white combination, like adding a painting of those colors. Placing such a painting as a statement piece on a monochromatic wall is an easy way to include these colors in your decor.


The play of these colors can be as small as adding wall art or a bed cover to as big as changing the flooring, adding new fixtures, changing the furniture, painting the walls, the beams, etc. The people who enjoy this look usually tend to go all the way to incorporate the colors in their space to get the entire look.


While a completely white room with minimal black elements is usually the norm, you could also consider making black the more dominant color and adding only a little white. The results will astound you. This method, however, should be implemented with care. While when used right, these colors can even make the space look bigger, if you overdo the black, your space will start looking cramped and smaller. Black works well as the dominant color in spaces like kitchens or home bars.

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An accented or engraved wallpaper is a fantastic alternative to add these colors to the decor, and an even more innovative way is to add accented or carpeted floor. A white-dominated room with a black-accented floor or carpet will create a majestic look.


This monochromatic contrast look can easily be played with by using one of the two colors as the major element and adding the other color as just a highlight point; for example, a room with white walls and white furniture with black color only as a splash in the headboards or the duvets. Playing around with a complementary-colored wall sconce or paneling like bronze or grey can also tie up the look beautifully.

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A monochromatic look doesn’t mean restricting yourself to just these two shades. You are allowed to work with them as you please and add a few other colors in moderation as well. The black and white rooms can look even more bold and classy when you add a splash of color by adding either a few plants or a single bright-colored piece, either as a wall accent or a table accent to accentuate the room.


Simple and classic, they add sophistication to any room, offering a suave style, that is always in fashion. 


Now that you are acquainted with this style, get experimenting!


Happy Decorating!


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