8 Unique Ways To Include Plants In Your Home Decor

8 Ways To Include Plants In Your Decor


All of us want a space that is in sync with our personalities and always makes us feel more at ease in our environment.

But due to our busy schedules, we often want low-maintenance but high-quality and visually appealing decor for our space.

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A lot of people often overlook the unique possibility of decorating their home with plants because they don’t know the ways to style them. or they might consider plants to be high maintenance.

While it’s true that some plants need so much attention that they will simply wither away without it; there are several options of low-maintenance plants that look classy and will make your decor look amazing.

In addition to the aesthetic values that plants can add to a home, indoor plants have many health benefits. Also, surrounding ourselves with green, living, and breathing decor is incredibly beneficial for our bodies and minds!

Indoor plants eliminate toxins from the air, improving our home air quality. They are energizing for the mind by lowering our stress levels and encouraging a night of deeper sleep.

We bring you 8 effective ways of including plants in your decor easily.



1. Table Centre Piece

Consider adding a single extravagant centerpiece, which can be potted or a vine-type plant that will give your sitting space an elevated feel instantly. 

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It’s easy to make it even classier by adding some books, a bowl of crystals, and candles to give the space a more pleasing look.



2. A Focal Point: 

Create a focal point in your decor by using hanging plants. You can introduce hanging plants near a window so they won’t take up any space on your carpet area while still including plants in your decor.



3. Try Different Colors:

This is an interesting option, and not many people employ this simply because of the lack of knowledge of it. Employing colors other than green is also a great alternative while including plants in the decor. Colors like rust, lavendar, white can add character to the entire look. 



4. Small Clusters: 

Place plants in a small cluster around a sitting area. This will add color to your area while also creating a space where you can feel closer to nature right inside your home. Employ a variety of plant types and sizes to create a visually pleasing environment.

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5. Play with sizes and shapes: 

Play with shapes and sizes of different plants. Creating a pleasing look is easier when you think outside the box and mix and match various styles of plants of varying heights, sizes, and shapes. You can also experiment with plants in various spaces and create a lively atmosphere for yourself! You can use it on bookshelves, desks, work tables, center tables, etc. 



6. Bathrooms: 

Adding plants to bathrooms can improve the look and air quality of the bathroom. It adds a certain look of luxury. It will also make it a better and more pleasant experience for the users. 

Check out our Flask Planters for a unique way of using plants in your home decor.


7. Stand Alone Tall Plants: 

Accessorize your space by placing tall plants in corners. They are very beneficial to be used for livening up your interior.



8. Unconventional Looks: 

Using grass mats and grass balls in spaces like verandahs and balconies can change the entire look of the space. It can add color to your space, and you can transform the space into a personal nook as a haven for yourself.



Now that we have listed some ways to employ plants in your decor, it’s time for you to start experimenting.

Get playful with your decor.

Happy Decorating! 

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