Make Your Home Look Cozier

7 Easy Hacks for a Cozy Home!

Anyone who has ever had the urge to create a beautiful home knows that it is only worth the effort when you get compliments on your choice. Creating a home out of a house is not easy, but there are a few easy steps to start that process.

1. Add textures

Adding textures that you want to be around, want to touch will make your home feel cozy. Use soft fabrics, velvet, throw pillows. Do not go overboard or it may look cluttered. The best solution to avoid that is to aim for 3-4 textures at most.

2. Add rugs and drapes

Although a lot of cheaper options in the market are available for rugs and drapes, spending money on a well-made rug will add instant character and help complete the look. If a room looks dull or sterile, throw in a complimentary rug for a cohesive look.

3. Blankets and Throws:

While a single warm blanket is very comfortable, consider layering up with a few throws, blend in textures.

Image Courtesy: Decoholic

We are all instantly attracted to beddings with a lot of layers and textures because it makes them feel cozier. This should be done artfully, depending upon the season.

4. Go green:


Putting plants in your home makes it feel homely and give off a pleasant vibe. There are a lot of plants that are so low maintenance that even the most novice of home botanists can keep them alive. If you're not ready to create an indoor jungle, invest in a few plants for your bookcase or empty corners, look for unused white space and add a little greenery. Also, adding flowers, fresh or dried, can instantly liven up the home.

5. Add Art:


If your home is still sporting cheap prints or, even worse, no wall art at all, spend some time channeling your inner artist or art curator and opt for more significant pieces. Whether you find a local artist you love, make a piece yourself, or pick more meaningful art from the big box stores, upgrading your gallery wall, can be a great way to create a more inviting space.

6. Warm Lighting:


Adding warm lighting induces a stress-free atmosphere and makes for a calmer environment.

Image Courtesy: Mansion Global

Also, letting natural light into your home is a decision that every homeowner should make for its uncountable benefits.

7. Personal Touches:


Adding personal touches makes a house a home. Photographs can reform your home and make your home a happier place to live in. When you decorate your home with your memories, you will feel more at ease in your surroundings.

Now that you have some tips and tricks, what are you waiting for?

Happy Decorating!

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