How To Decorate Your Guest Bedroom? 7 Amazing Tips!

If you have been using your guest room as a storage dumping room, it’s time to move things around. Guest rooms can be a great addition to a house, and it is perfect for unplanned visits from family, holiday arrivals, or even a sleepover. 

When decorating the guest bedroom, try to make it as comfortable as the other rooms in the house. You want to make your guests feel welcome, and the space should be inviting. Whether you want the bedroom to be lively, soothing, spacious, or bold, always prioritize comfort first. 

7 Ways to decorate guest bedroom

By making simple changes to the guest bedroom, you can transform the space. Here are some tips on how to decorate your guest bedroom. 

1. Include twin beds

If you want your guest bedroom to be practical, include twin beds. You never know how many guests you will be expecting, and therefore, it is better to be prepared. Twin beds make the most out of small spaces and also look chic and put together. Place a bedside table to separate the twin beds to complete the space. 


Make sure that the beds are covered with comfortable linens and enough pillows. You can also play around with the lighting and decorate the space if you have the budget. 

2. Create a sitting area

Create a sitting area if you want to add an inviting touch to your guest bedroom. This will give your guests a cozy corner to unwind in. You can create a simple yet sophisticated reading nook if you are short on space. Decorate it with wall art, a lamp, a comfortable mattress, etc.

If there is enough room, you can add a bench. Adding a bench will not only give your guests a place to rest their legs but will also double-up as a spot to store luggage, and it is fancy yet practical. 

3. Pay attention to the details.

The trick to decorating any room is to pay attention to the details. If you want to be known as the best host, try including tiny details that will set the tone for the guest bedroom. For instance, brighten the room with fairy lights, provide plenty of storage options, ensure the room gets enough sunlight, etc. 

An interesting way to add detail to any room in the house is by placing fresh flowers. Flowers always brighten the room and set the mood. Pick bright flowers such as roses, tulips, carnations, begonia, and so on. You can even decorate with indoor plants if that is your vibe. 

4. Decorate the guest bedroom according to a theme

If you have too many ideas but don’t know how to go about it, try to pick a theme. However, be careful since a guest bedroom shouldn’t feel out of place with the rest of your home’s decor. Neutrals are always a safe choice. But, if you want to be bold, go all out!

Some common guest bedroom themes are nautical, botanical, contemporary, Victorian, etc. Pick furniture that goes with the vibe of the guest room, and as we said, always pay attention to the details. 

5. Add a desk or a vanity

To give your guest bedroom the feel of a luxurious hotel, add a desk or a vanity. Working with a small space, a desk or a vanity works great as a replacement for the classic bedside table. Make sure you add some practical items based on who you will be hosting, like pads or tampons, a phone charger, extra toothbrush, tissues, a water bottle, etc. 

6. Set up a coffee corner

Setting up a coffee corner in the guest bedroom is the perfect way to give your guests some space and respect their privacy. Keep it simple. Place a hot water kettle, some coffee sachets, sugar, milk, coffee cups, and water. If you want to take the coffee corner to the next level, you can also add an assortment of herbal teas. 

7. Keep the guest room clean and clutter-free

The most important thing while decorating a guest bedroom is to keep it clutter-free. Embrace minimalism and do away with anything that takes up too much space. Clean the room thoroughly before hosting and spray room freshener. These thoughtful touches will make your guest feel at home. 

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