From the Dinner Set Essentials Guide: The Azure Ixora Collection

Who doesn’t love a dinnerware set that has been designed with care and precision?

We know we certainly do!

So, why wouldn’t your loved ones too?

And, in the worst case, if they reject your present, you’d benefit with a gorgeous collection of luxury dinner set!

Win, win situation!


Let’s see what we mean when we say that we’ve created a fine porcelain dinnerware collection for you guys with our Azure Ixora Dinnerware Collection!

From the Dinner Set Essentials Guide: The Azure Ixora Collection


The Imagination Game

You’re sitting in a peaceful garden with your loved ones and enjoying the views in a pleasant weather.

You’re waiting for your food to arrive and the server places these pastel blue plates with delicate motifs of the Eastern Bluebirds and tropical Ixora flowers. It would be mesmerizing, right?


Well, that’s exactly what the Azure Ixora dinnerware set is all about! If you were looking to buy dinner set online without compromising on the quality, then you’ve found your match!


The Inspiration

The Azure Ixora Dining Collection takes inspiration from the decor, style, and concepts of the Victorian era.

Being highly influenced by the romantic era and romanticism, the Victorian era is known for featuring floral patterns that branch out and create a classy ambiance.

From the Dinner Set Essentials Guide: The Azure Ixora Collection 

Two of the most talked about and common elements of these two periods are femininity and luxuriousness. Romanticism was all about subtlety and femininity, while the Victorians were highly influenced and attracted to the luxurious side of things. A combination of these two was seen in the latter parts of the Victorian era, and that’s exactly what we used to create this fine porcelain luxury dinner set!

The next couple of elements that hold importance for the Victorian era are the emphasis it puts on nature and the use of expanded imagination. And then of course, there’s attention to small details, which includes making sure that the Ixora flowers are perfect and the proportions of our Eastern Bluebirds is maintained.

From the Dinner Set Essentials Guide: The Azure Ixora Collection

With a combination of white and blushed blue as the base, we decided to paint the ixoras in a blush pink tone with its branches spreading over the surface. In the next step, the Eastern Bluebirds were to be painted with precisions and the right tones of blue, orange, and green to create a realistic look.

Do you think we succeeded?


The Components

You want to buy this dinner set online, but what exactly is included in it?

Here’s a breakdown of everything that we send with the entire Azure Ixora Dining Collection set and then we’ll talk about how to style it…

 From the Dinner Set Essentials Guide: The Azure Ixora Collection 

  1. The first and the most important part of a dinner set has to be the dinner plate! Our dinner plates are a sufficient 26.3cm in diameter, making them perfect to enjoy every cuisine, right from authentic Indian to an exotic western meal. You’ll get 6 of these beauties!
  2. The next part is the quarter or dessert plate, with a diameter spanning 21.7cm, and matches the quantity of dinner plates at 6 pieces. Obviously, the dual nature use of this place will give you satisfaction!
  3. Accompanied with 6 dessert bowls that can also be used to serve your liquids, the set seems to come together!
  4. The serving bowl is sufficient to feed a family of 4 with its 1.2L storing capacity.
  5. Finally, we have the breakfast essential cereal bowls that will feed your kids or let you enjoy a quiet couple’s breakfast!

From the Dinner Set Essentials Guide: The Azure Ixora Collection

Heading to the end of the blog with probably the most important detail after finding a dinner set online!


The Styling

We’re not going to tell you how to live your life, but if you want a little nudge on how to style our Azure Ixora luxury dinner set then read along!

  • The artistic collection can be paired with complementary shades of blue and pink, in terms of table cloth, dining table center piece, and the flowers.
  • Instead of hiding your dinner set away, you can put it on display on your dining room console table along with some fake flowers and accent pieces.
  • If you’re planning an outdoor party, the collection can be paired with our Rivaayat Terracotta Collection to create a picturesque look.
  • For a more luxurious look, you can mix and match the collection with our Bohemian inspired Tropical Trip Collection.


No more contemplating on whether you should buy cutlery online or not!


We’ve got your back!

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