Foyer Table Elements and how to Style Them

Remember when we shared some foyer decor ideas with you?


Well, you might want to check them out before going through this cool infographic.



Now that you’ve caught up, let’s see how you can decorate that gorgeous foyer you’ve made for yourself!

Foyer Table Elements and how to Style Them


Understand the Importance of Elements
  1. The Table will be the base element, so make sure your foyer has enough space to accommodate a table of your choice. It has to be wide enough and sturdy enough!


  1. The Lamp/s will be a life-saver for when you come to an empty home! Bright home means a happy life!


  1. When picking Textured Elements, you must be careful of them working together. This Chalky Nicked Table Lamp will work beautifully with a small element that may be black or gray. (Image of Chalky Nicked Table Lamp)


  1. The Green or Floral element is a must! It adds a liveliness to your entrance and brings you peace. Moreover, it looks beautiful! 

 Check out our amazing The Artment x Rivaayat Collection for planters!


  1. A Mirror is sure to give your foyer an illusion of being bigger than it is. Plus, you can take a last look at yourself before leaving your home! (Image of our Aqua Mosaic Mirror)


  1. Adding Layers to your foyer table means creating the illusion of the table being occupied and not messy. Soft elements like the Minimalist Balance Candle Holder will be perfect! (Image of Minimalist Balance Candle Holder)


  1. Finally, a Storage Bowl is a must! You really don’t want to forget your sunglasses, wallet, or worse, your home keys while leaving the house. Plus, it’s a great place to drop your change!



What do you guys think?

Creating a beautiful foyer table is easy, right?


Now go ahead and decorate yours with all the love and excitement!

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