Feng Shui For Home - Tips To Use Feng Shui in Every Room

Incorporating Feng Shui In Various Spaces of Your Home


Feng Shui is a vast discipline and can seem overwhelming. The basics, however, are easier than what is perceived.


First, read Symbolic Feng Shui - Meaning And Significance Of Different Feng Shui Symbols and Feng Shui Principles - 4 Basic Feng Shui Tips For Home to understand the meaning of Feng Shui better and gain some clarity.


We first need to understand an essential concept before we start with Feng Shui for a home. This concept is called the Command Position.


The Command Position is the most powerful position of any space. Important objects like bed, stove and work desk are to be placed in this position. To identify the command position, consider the following characteristics. This position is open on both sides, never directly under a beam, never in direct line with the doors, and has back support like a wall.


Now that we have a basic understanding of this concept, let’s see how Feng Shui for Home applies.


Feng Shui for Entrance to the Home:


The entryway is where all the chi enters your home. Ensure that you have an unobstructed and well-lit entrance. Keep the area around the front door clean and organized. The front door itself should always be clean and in pristine condition.

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Activate living chi around the entrance by placing plants like money plants or natural air purifying plants. You should also never place mirrors right in front of the door. Due to its reflecting surface, the chi will reflect out the door as soon as it enters. Mirrors are always placed perpendicularly at the entrance.


Feng Shui For Living Room:

Try using colors around your room. You can use the colors matching your decor, but colors bring life to your home. Colors can also introduce the various elements of Feng Shui. Always accessorize the living room with objects that can incorporate the five elements. Always allow natural light and air to enter and keep the area clean. Place healthy plants around the living room for positive energy. You can check out table planters for including plants into your decor.


Feng Shui For Kitchen:

Always keep your refrigerator clean and tidy. That’s where you get your nourishment, and it should always have clean and positive energy. Place the stove in the Command Position. Also, opt for more burners on your stove as it represents more opportunities and sources of wealth.

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Deep clean your kitchen regularly. Declutter and organize the space. Keep it well-lit and ventilated. Clean with salt to cleanse and absorb the negative energy out of this space


Feng Shui For Bathroom:

Conserving water is an essential principle in Feng Shui. Use small plants to combat negative energy. Deep clean your bathroom frequently. Keep the bathroom airy and fresh.

Always keep the toilet seat covered and the bathroom door closed to prevent the chi from flowing away. A mirror in front of the bathroom door is an effective way to keep the chi from entering the bathroom as it will be reflected into the room.


Feng Shui For Bedroom:

First, make sure your bed is in the commanding position. Next, check under the bed. It’s not ideal to use this area as storage since you spend a lot of time resting and sleeping in this space.


Anything underneath affects you energetically. If you need to store things under your bed for space reasons, make sure you only have soft, bed-related items like sheets and blankets.

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A great way to add the earth element to manifest nourishment is with a square earth-colored rug under your bed. Try not to put too many plants in this space because of their active energy. The bedroom is for resting your body and mind, and the surrounding energy needs to be calm and passive.


Feng Shui For WFH office:

Home offices have become a must in the present Covid situation. Make sure your workspace allows positivity. Have abundant light and air in this space. You can consider using table lamps if natural light is scarce.


Place your desk in the command position. The desk should be of optimal size. It should never be too small or too big for your things.


Consider placing a small plant on the table for positive life energy. A set cleaning routine for your desk will keep the energy moving and bring you more opportunities. You can also use pictures and quotes to motivate and inspire you. Accessorize your desk according to your taste, so you are inspired when working there.


Feng Shui is a lifestyle. Start small to not overwhelm yourself. Keep practicing, keep growing, and you will start to see the positive changes in your life.



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