7 Bar Essentials: Bar Tools & Equipment for Home Bar

Are you ready to kick out the young and unstylish ways of drinking and take on this adult world in its shoes?

No more getting sloshed on the weekends with plastic cups and beer cans.

It’s high time we curated an article talking about the process of having your own home bar with all the bar essential tools.

The process is fairly simple.

There are certain items you’ll need to gather, both in terms of decor and the actual bar equipment.

Once that is sorted, you’ll be ready to make that fantastic bar you always wanted.


Let’s get right into it with getting to know about the barware essentials! 


  1. Muddler

 Muddler - Bar tool

Image Credit: Cooks Illustrated

The muddler bar tool is literally the one tool you want when making a cocktail or mocktail. As the name suggests, it will muddle, or lightly crush the ingredients (herbs, spices, fruit) so that the flavors are released properly into the glass.

 Minimalist Teal Serving Tray

If you’re a fan of making drinks and use the muddler a lot, then instead of placing it in a drawer full of other things, you can place it on the Minimalist Teal Serving Tray along with other barware must-have tools. 


  1. Highball Glass

The highball glasses are a tad bit shorter than your regular glasses and wider. Used for drinks with a higher ratio of “mixer” to liquor, the highball glass is great if you’re in your Rum & Coke drinking phase, but want a certain elevation to it! It is one of the home bar essentials. 

Highball Glass - Essential Bar Glass


A bit similar to the highball glass is our Minimalist Double Walled Clear Glass. Keeps your drink chill while you play a game of poker!


  1. Coupe

Widely used to enjoy Champagne, the coupe glass is now used to serve a variety of cocktails and mocktails. The broad bowl, or the coupe, sits atop a slightly short stem. This kind of design makes it possible for the bubbles of the drink escape. So, we’d stay try not to serve your regular coke in it, but go ahead with other cocktails.

Coupe Glass - Essential Bar Glass 

Checkout the Clear Ribbed Gold Rimmed Coupe Glass as a barware for home to create an evening filled with luxury and love!


  1. Bar Spoon

Bar Spoon - Essential Bar tool

Image Credit: European Bartender School

 The bar spoon is a little different from your daily use spoons. The handle is elongated to ensure that the drink stirs properly in a tall glass like the Minimalist Mushroom Clear Glass. A layered drink with different ingredients shall turn out be a win when made with the help of the bar spoon. The back of the spoon helps with liquids fall slowly, ensuring one doesn’t mix with the other. 

Mushroom Glass


  1. Cocktail Shaker and Strainer

 Cocktail Shaker & Strainer - Bar tool

Image Credits: Wine Enthusiast 

The shaker and strainer are bar essential tools, hands down. Some drinks need to be shaken, not stirred, and you can’t do that without a simple yet powerful cocktail shaker. And certain drinks will need to be served straight up (mixed with ice to chill it a little) and served in a glass like the Beaten Gold Rim Whiskey Glass without any ice.

Beaten Gold Rim Whiskey Glass


  1. Jigger

 Jigger - Bar Equipment

Image Credit: Liquor.com

This one is a measuring tool, but obviously you knew that! Each of the cones on the jigger measure 30ml and 60ml. Now depending on what drink you’re making you can ensure the quantities are apt and the drink comes out to be perfect!


Honestly, a barware setup would be incomplete without a jigger and cocktail shaker and strainer. They’re the home bar essentials you want to buy!


  1. Decanter

 Decanter - Bar Equipment

In the end, you want a decanter for your bar. Now, this is not an essential, but it is perfect if you’re the kind who likes to keep a rolling bar along with the full-fledged bar. An exclusive, rich, and Art Deco inspired decanter such as the Diamond Whiskey Decanter shall be perfect for an office, living room space, or a restaurant-bar. Pair it with a simpler looking glass like the Cosmic Ice Whiskey Glass and you have an easy going, on the move bar.

Cosmic Whiskey Glass 

 As for the decor of your home bar, you can explore different ideas.

One of the most common ones we recommend is converting an existing closet in the living room or dining space into a bar cabinet. This is where you bar tools and equipment shall be stored. Most of us don’t have the space to create a separate bar or redecorate the entire space. So, pick out a cabinet, add some glass on the doors, stick a wallpaper on the wall of the cabinet, and get storing!

No matter how small the space is, you can always start!

Another idea is to go a bit bold when setting up the bar essentials for home bar. Red or maroon paired with gold accents works beautifully in a bar space! Apart from your barware essentials you can also have a Minimalist Balance Candle Holder, sitting atop the counter giving out luxurious vibes.

Minimalist Balance Candle Holder


If you have created a small and easy-going bar in your enclosed balcony, then the Pop Art Knot Stool should work wonders! Imagine sipping on wine in the Deux Flute Glass looking at the sunset!

How wonderful!

Do you think you’ll be taking our ideas and creating yourself an amazing home bar with all the basic bar essentials?

We certainly hope so!

Happy home and bar decorating to you with the bar essentials!

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