Creating a Workable Work from Home Space for You!

The work from home situation has gotten the best of us in a lot of ways.

Just because we have a designated work space does not mean that managing it is easy. All of the equipment needed to get through the day can become tough to handle. Even your beloved home decor items.

By this time, most might have figured out what to do with their WFH spaces, but some of might still be struggling.

Things might have become a bit mundane too, right?

This might also have affected your mood and productivity through the day. A mundane routine can make a work space cluttered, unclean, and an overall unpleasant place to work in.

So, we decided to lend a helping hand!

Take a look at these easy steps to ensure that you can manage your work space easily.


  1. Basic Cleaning

Start by cleaning out your desk. Stirp down your desk to the basics and clean with a wet and dry cloth. Once that’s done, throw away everything that is no longer important. Old papers, chocolate wrappers, and maybe that dead plant you’ve been trying to revive. You want to arrange all your supplies in the order of use and gain control on your wires.

Creating a Workable Work from Home Space for You!

Image Credit: Shred It

If you’re tired with your current work space then change things up and buy some artistic furniture for your home office.  


  1. Storage

The next part is to ensure that all your work essentials are in place. Buy a storage box if necessary, along with file arrangers, and clips and pins. Once this situation is under control, you can move onto your chargers, pens, and water bottle. Arrange every item in such a way that they don’t come in your way as you work.


  1. Remove the House from Office

When you’re cleaning things out, make sure you remove your regular home decor items from your work space. It can get a little bit too homely if you keep them around, and end up getting distracted. Even if you’re bringing in something from your home side into your work space for a while, make sure you put it back where it came from.

Creating a Workable Work from Home Space for You!

Image Credit: Architectural Digest

Say you were to bring in a foot stool into your office, like the Art Deco Marigold Stool by the Artment, you’d want to put it back in the living room before the end of the work day, no matter how comfortable it is.


  1. Desk Accessories

This is where things get interesting. Whether you want your desk to feel like you’re in your office cubicle for or organic and free, both can be done easily. Have less desk accessories, i.e. only a mug, post its, and your computer is going to fulfil it. On the other hand, if you want a more organic look for your desk, then you should think of buying mugs online along with matching a mouse pad and a simple desk planter.

Creating a Workable Work from Home Space for You!

Have you checked out our adorable Rivaayat Terracotta Spin Planter? It’s the perfect desk companion for your WFH space!


  1. Add a Pinning Board

If you want to remove all the clutter from your desk and enjoy the luxury furniture in your WFH space, then you’ve got to bring home a pinning board. All your important notes and paper can be right there, plus you can post pictures of your loved ones to keep yourself sane through the day. This would remove the need to have photo frame on the desk, saving space.

Creating a Workable Work from Home Space for You!

Image Credit: Freepik

  1. Say no to Paper

We’re digital being, aren’t we? What use are our powerful laptops and computers if we constantly need paper to keep track of our activities? So, in order to declutter your desk, you might want to begin keeping notes on your computer. This way you can buy mugs online for your tea and coffee cravings and never run out of space on your desk.

Creating a Workable Work from Home Space for You!

On that note, you might want to take a look at our Minimalist Spirit Double Walled Tea Mugs.


That’s all we have as of now about decluttering your desk as you keep working from home. Similar tips can also be applied when you resume working from the office (if that happens any time soom).


What do you guys think?

Are you up for giving your WFH space a neat and clean makeover?

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