Beyond the Basics: Ideas to Create an Impressionist Era Inspired Home Decor!

There’s so much to Impressionism than meets the eye. Quite literally, in fact.

The basic idea of impressionism revolves around artists of the time trying to capture their feelings and emotions while looking at a fleeting moment.

Paintings were made to capture the movement of light in nature, man in his element, and so on.

Wait, we’ve already talked about this!

Have you gotten around to reading the introductory blog we posted?

Impressionist decor

Well, if you haven’t you must!

If you’re going to want to create a home decor inspired by the Impressionist era with some gorgeous paintings and art works, you might want to look into the details of how it came into being, right?

Go ahead, we’ll wait for you right here!

Once you’re done, we’ve got some amazing and easy-to-follow tips on how to incorporate the elements of the era to live in an Impressionist home!


The Categorization

There’s no question what the right art work can do for a home.

An Impressionist art work holds the ability to transform any space, be it your living room, office, or dining space into something you couldn’t have imagined.

The tough part is choosing the right art work.

Now, we want to focus on how to decorate with your art work. But before you do that you must decide which art work you want to pick, and we’re sure it’s going to become easy by the end of the blog.

So, keep reading!


  1. A Focal Point

The focal point of an art work will have to do more with the color of the painting than the art work as a whole. If you have an existing modern or minimal style home decor right now, then you could install an art work with bright and bold colors. This is sure to gain some attention. The space, in turn, will begin feeling warmer and somewhat belonging to the impressionist era. To further accentuate the idea, you can add fabrics of the same sort.

 Sakura Winters in Acrylic Wall Art

What do you think about the Artment’s Sakura Winters in Acrylic Wall Art?

The winter feels portrayed through an acrylic wall art is an ideal Impressionist painting. The artist has tried capturing the light in an almost gentle way.

Judge it for yourself!


  1. Avoid Over-Exertion

Any space that has too much going on visually will come off as being unorganized and cluttered, to say the least. The idea here is to ensure that you avoid big, bright, and bold furniture. Make sure you curb the temptation to add colorful rugs and other home decor items. Once you’ve got that sorted, you can add an art work like the Striking Colors of Nature Canvas to bring the space at par with your idea of an Impressionist decor.

Striking Colors of Nature Canvas

There’s a blend of contemporary and modern ideas creating a wall art perfect for the Impressionist Era. The way that the artist has captured the true colors of light during dusk and dawn is phenomenal.


  1. Matching the Elements

You must know that complementary elements go a long way when it comes to decorating a space. That’s exactly what you must do with the patterns, colors, and items that you use in a particular space. Keep yourself going overboard with the color palette. Whether it’s the couch, throw pillows, or the art work, you want to make sure that the colors and style complement each other. Say you decide to pick the Artment’s Vividly Painted Landscape Canvas for your living room. Now what you want to do is add patterns and colors of the items in the space that do not clash with the colors of this art work. Avoid bright oranges, greens, and browns. The perfect combination would be the classic, black and white.

Vividly Painted Landscape Canvas

Inspiration can strike in many ways.

You just have to keep an eye out for the same. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Art works you place in your home or offices should be something that you can relate to. The painting or digital art should evoke a sense of calm and feel-good emotion in you.

This is our contribution to helping you add Impressionist elements into your home decor.

Do you have any ideas that you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear from you!


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Happy Home Decor to You!

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