Bedroom Color Trends for Your Unique Personality

There aren’t a lot of things you need for a good sleep…

Just a comfy bed, cool decor, dim or no lights, and maybe a scented candle.

All of this is easy to do.

What you want to focus your attention on is the color scheme of your bedroom.

The colors that you pick will set the mood for your sleep cycle. And the same color scheme will also have you wake up with a smile in the morning.

The walls of your bedroom should talk about your personality.


So, let’s see what ideas we’ve curated for you to take inspiration from this time!


  1. Patterned Wall to Make Statement

Whether your statement is “I’m the boss” or something that talks about who you are a person, the pattern you pick should not bore you. Pick unicorns for all there is out there! Select a color scheme that goes with the pattern and bring it all together with matching hues for your bedsheets, side table, arm chair, and light fixtures.

Here’s a cool black and white pattern we thing would look good for someone with a calm personality. The red colored elements add a pop to the otherwise simple bedroom decor.


Bedroom Color Trends for Your Unique Personality


  1. Green says Bring it On!

Want to be energized in the morning but feel comfortable and close to nature in a different way? What better color to pick than green? Paired with the right accessories your room will become the most amazing part of your home decor! You can pair green with whites and browns.

Take a look at this green on green with hints of white accessories here and there! Beautiful, right?


Bedroom Color Trends for Your Unique Personality 


  1. Classic White, White, White

Ah, the most common option, but probably the best one too! Easy to work with making you feel happy all day and all night. White walls are the blank canvas you can decorate any way you want. Whether you decide to just leave them white with white sheets and white accessories, or add a statement piece, you’ll be good.

A black and white patterned carpet like this one:


Bedroom Color Trends for Your Unique Personality 


And to top it all off you could have a graceful vase for your floral decor, like The Artment’s Fluid Grace Glide Vase


Bedroom Color Trends for Your Unique Personality 


  1. Cool Blues to Calm You

As we mentioned before, you want to sleep in a space that allows you to feel free. Blue has a tendency to do just that. It gives you a boost of energy that makes you happy, making it easier to fall asleep. Apart from that, a cool blue wall will have you waking up fresh and relaxed. Combining blue with its classic partner, white, is probably the best choice you can ever make. Nothing complicated.


Bedroom Color Trends for Your Unique Personality 


Gold accents work beautifully with this type of decor. Adding small pieces of decor items like the Minimalist Balance Candle Holder will brighten up your space more!


Bedroom Color Trends for Your Unique Personality


  1. A Black Background

What might be associated with only bad things, black color is nothing like it is portrayed to be. When you have a black accent wall or decide to paint the entire bedroom black, it creates a mysterious look. And along with that, if black is combined with gold and pink accents, it can create the most gorgeous look every! And if you were to add The Artment’s Fluid Grace Stem Vase-White to this black décor… We can’t tell you how amazing it would be!


Bedroom Color Trends for Your Unique Personality


Take a look as this well-made room!


Bedroom Color Trends for Your Unique Personality 


So, there you have it!

Bedroom decors that will show your unique personality, making you a happy human throughout the day!

You can basically use whatever you want for your room decor. If it makes you happy, use it!

Happy Room Decorating to You!

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