An Artist’s Guide to Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Style!

Romance is in the air.

And coincidentally, it’s also the week we decided to talk about this Art Movement known as Romanticism!

Check out the characteristics of this beautiful era!


It’s all about capturing emotions and imagination into the different kinds of art forms the artists would evoke senses that would otherwise go unnoticed. There wasn’t necessarily much focus on order and reasoning.

And that’s like the love in this age, isn’t it?

So, as the day of love arrives, channel your emotions in the right direction and prepare the planning!

And when you have a partner you admire, respect, and appreciate, it’s easy to drown in the feeling of happiness.

The trouble might begin when we’re thinking of the right way to show them how you feel. And honestly, there’s isn’t just one way to do it.

Without wasting much time, we’re going to give you some amazing ideas and you can pick the one that works, best for you!


  1. A Wine Tasting Session

If you and your partner are the kind who love to stay in, then this option is a good one to consider. Order a bunch of wine and whiskey bottles at home and organize a super cool, fun, and intriguing tasting session. To make things interesting, you can create some clues and place them under each bottle of wine or whiskey. Your partner will try to take a guess by tasking it. The Clear Ribbed Gold Rimmed Coupe Glass shall be perfect if your partner is a wine lover. And for the whiskey lovers, you could decide to pick out the Beaten Gold Rim Whiskey Glass.


Clear Ribbed Gold Rimmed Coupe Glass

Be ready for your partner to be impressed with you party planning skills!


  1. Who’s Right?

Here’s a game worth playing. You might have heard of this one before, but we’re adding a bit of a twist to it. What you want to do is prepare the dining table or center table with shot glasses and your favorite alcohol. Hey, you could also have some fresh Jamun shots, if that’s what you prefer. The game is all about getting the answers right to every question. Take turns. For every question that you get wrong, you take a shot. And the same applies to your partner.


Who do you think will get the most drunk by the end of the night?

Check out the Horse Shot Glasses for an enhanced experience of the whole game!


  1. Plan a Cook off

If you and your partner are big foodies, then why not explore this talent more and show your skills in the kitchen. This way both of you can spend time together and create a vibe of healthy competition! Don’t worry about the culinary skills, it’s all about sharing the love! You could bring into use the Surreal Marble-effect Chopping board for the both of you. This way neither one has to complain about the process of making delicious food!

 Azure Ixora Dining Collection

Oh, and hey, let’s not forget about the serving presentation! The Azure Ixora Dining Collection shall be perfect for a night of love!


  1. A Bucket List

This option is not competitive, just special. If you’ve found a partner that you’d like to spend the rest of your life with, then it’s time to create a shared bucket list! This could include a slight combination of what each of you want to do in the upcoming year. It’s a great way to create the possibility of experiencing some amazing things together! You guys could be partner in crimes for the rest of your lives!

 Modern Art Lap Cushion Desk

If the thought of this tickles your heart, then go ahead and bring home our Modern Art Lap Cushion Desk. These would enable the both of you to sit comfortably and put into words the activities you would like to enjoy with your partner!


  1. An Indoor Tent

Relive your childhood memories by sharing them with your partner. Grab some bedsheets, clips, cushions, wine, and cheeses to create a fort of love! Valentine’s day probably the best to ensure this idea can come alive. Lacking cushions or need some stools for this occasion? Worry not, we’ve got you covered! Check out some of these cool options. These would fit into almost any type of home decor and be perfect to be placed inside your cozy tent made with love!

 Bohemian Teal- Bloom Hand-Block Print Cushion

We are sure your partner will feel loved in the moments to follow!


  1. Exchanging the Meals

This one might sound a bit crazy, but have you guys had yesterday’s cold pizza for breakfast? Do you love it? Well, if that’s so much fun, then how about having breakfast at dinner time? If you and your partners are the rebellious kind, then we are sure you would love this idea! Whip up some waffles, pancakes, eggs, and classic milk and corn flakes! Considering this could be the easiest meal every cooked, you and your partner could spend some time together in the kitchen! Make sure you serve a dinner time breakfast with the same elegance as you would a dinner.

 Minimalist Balance Candle Holder

We suggest you pair our Minimalist Balance Candle Holder and the Tropical Trip Dining Collection for the ultimate dinner time breakfast experience!

 Tropical Trip Dining Collection

What do you think about these ideas?

Planning on giving at least on of these a go?

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day celebration with your significant other and may your love grow!

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