A Virtual Dinner with the Perfect Dinnerware Set!

These are tough times that require you to socialize through digital media, for a healthier life!

Dinner parties, family get-togethers, and going out with friends might have reduced considerably to ensure the least spread of Covid-19.

This does not mean you can’t harness the power of the internet and meet up with your loved ones!

Your digital meets can also be made fun and happening with a luxury dinner set showing off your exclusive taste!

Let’s hop right into the process of organizing an awesome digital dinner party!

 A Virtual Dinner with the Perfect Dinnerware Set!

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  1. Talk to Your Loved Ones

Well, the first thing you’re going to want to do is call or text your friends and family to see if they’re available on certain dates that you’d like to plan the dinner. Now, once you guys decide a particular date and day, you can move on to sharing your meal plans and the recopies with it. This would ensure you guys are eating the same thing, for a pleasant experience. Pick something easy and yet fancy, something everyone can make.


You could also encourage them to buy cutlery online, something similar to yours, or the other way round.


  1. A Unanimous Application

While WhatsApp calling is available anyway, you might want to bring out the big guns, like Zoom or Skype. Again, unanimously pick one application that can host multiple people without causing lag and other technical issues. Make sure the app you pick has the longest time call available.


  1. Decorate Your Location

Although this won’t be your typical dinner party, you don’t want to miss out on decorating the dining table like it was an actual one. All of the members should do a similar kind of decor, in terms of setting up the dining table, choosing similar looking plates and bowls, etc. You guys can even go ahead and buy dining table set online that are literally the same! This is what will create the ideal dinner experience. Along with that, get some linen table cloth and golden/silver cutlery.

 Tropical Trip Dinner Set

We’d suggest you go for the Tropical Dinner Set, with its cool and breezy boho vibes!

This dining collection is made of fine porcelain and has a beautiful color scheme to complement your happy mood.

The composition of the split leaf, areca palm, and other charming tropical leaves make the dinnerware collection the perfect Bohemian addition to your kitchenware.


  1. Cook it Up!

So what if you’re only cooking for yourself or the people who live with you? You can still go little crazy with all the ingredients you have lying at home! A couple of YouTube videos and you can conquer the culinary world, we’re sure!

Apart form meals, you also want to get in some fun cocktails and mocktails too! So, search for those recopies and you can serve them in out classy and unique barware collection.

Swan's Love Cocktail Glass

That’s all there is to say about organizing an awesome virtual dinner party!

Of course, in the end you’re all are going to have to meet up through the app and enjoy the meal and have conversation, but we’re sure you can manage that!

And if you’re not going to go for the whole party scene, the same rules would apply for a cute date night.

Our Tropical Trip Plate Set is just the perfect thing for two people in love to enjoy their special meal! It will be like a vacation at home! Get this dinner set online, right now!

 Tropical Trip Dinner Plate

And hey, if you’re not up for the whole dinner party idea, you could always buy mugs online and then organize a small early morning catching up setup. We also have some really cool drinkware collection that will work for this kind of party too!

 Peachy Bubbles Mug

What do you think of a virtual dinner party with your loved ones? Planning to set up your luxury dinner set anytime soon?


We certainly hope you do and enjoy yourselves!


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