A Surrealist Experience Through an Appropriate Home Decor!

Have you been feeling like Surrealism might be inching its way into our daily life?

If so, we’re backing up that feeling!

Surrealist decor might not be coming back in its original bold form, but it sure is amalgamating with our current modern and minimal kind of home decor style.



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It’s time to add illusions, play with non-generic shapes, and add a touch of complexity in your home with some gorgeous elements.

Don’t worry! There will be style, sophistication, and a lot of elegance in how your home decor turns out to be!

And here’s the deal, you could be designing a commercial space or a home, and the idea remains the same. You want to create this different dimension with fluid art.

Here’s a gist of the Surrealist Art:

  • Changing the scale of objects in a space
  • Elements that might seem random, but are well-thought-of
  • Dreamlike qualities to the decor
  • Repetition of objects
  • Placing unexpected decor items together


Think this will work?

We know it will, because we are going to talk about the inspiration behind each of the decor products from the Artment mentioned in the blog.


  1. An Impactful Wall

Starting with an easy to grasp idea, the wallpaper game must be strong. The Artmnet’s  Swaying Leaves Printed Textured Mural Wallpaper is made with eco-friendly dyes. The concept of Surrealism is based on unconscious desires, and that’s exactly what this delightful wallpaper conveys. The colors and repetitive pattern on the wallpaper will give you the ideal surreal vibe. You can get super creative with this wallpaper and stick it on different surfaces.


  1. The Stylish Book Keeper

Now, when we talk about decor, we are obviously going to include books. Whether these stay on the designated bookshelf or are kept on the side of the bed, or dining room console table. Avid readers know the need to have their favorite books in place. And it is for you guys that we have the Climbing Man Bookend. It is a superb, one-of-a-kind bookend that relates closely with Surrealism. Made out of aluminum, this bookend unlocks the images and ideas of the unconscious. The more you read, the higher you reach. This concept has been captured so well, that one cannot resist brining this bookend home.


  1. A Surreal Dining Space

Not much to say here, except sensing the rise of a feeling that you might not have known of. We’re not even exaggerating! Have you been dreaming of a dining space that looks and feels out of the world? Then there’s nothing more Surreal than the Artment’s Majestic Earth Dinnerware Collection. The striking gold, green, and earthy tones of the plates and bowls of the collection are bound to leave everyone speechless. You know how surrealism is aimed at brining out the poetic and artistic side of humans? Yes, that’s exactly what you will feel when you place the Majestic Earth Dinnerware Collection on your dining table.


The best pairing option with these would be the Surreal Marble-effect Chopping Board. Cheeses, crackers, and some fruit set up on this marble board.


  1. The Accent Challenge

What would you think if you saw a Thinker Accent adorning a foyer table, paired with a minimalist tray, a simple flower vase, and some complementary flowers? We think it would be awe-inspiring. So, if we said you could do something same with items from the Artment, would you be willing to go ahead with the idea? We already know that Surrealism goes beyond the reality, so why wouldn’t you do so too? This kind of decor would seem normal, but be extraordinary. One of the primary pillars of Surrealism is juxtaposition, which can be seen through such decor!


  1. The Final Addition

What kind of decor does not give importance to wall art? That right! None! We present to you the Swans in Flight Canvas with its fabulous color combination and concept. The art work presents a dream like scene with ease. It also captures the spirit of spontaneity with grace. So, if you were to place the set of digitally printed canvases in your home or office decor space, it would highlight your love and appreciation for Surrealism. The use of different elements, that would generally not be considered as ideal, have been used to depict each scene. 


What do you think of Surrealism, as an art movement and it being used as a decor essential?

Now that the style is coming back, would you also like to hop onto the trend?

Tell us what you think!


Happy Home Decor to You!

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