Art Deco - 9 Elegant Ways To Style An Art Deco Inspired Home

Art Deco is a style that was popularized in the 1920s.

The style in itself is an eclectic combination of materials, influences, and shapes. There are several characteristics that can help with the process of identifying pieces of the Art Deco Movement.

It was a movement that began in France and flaunted features from the Mediterranean, French, and Egyptian cultures. Along with this, the use of geometric patterns can also be seen.

Art Deco style of interiors is for those who prefer the elegant and glamorous look with bold elements.

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It is easy to bring in the art deco element into your home.

Here are 10 ways to add the Art Deco style to your interiors.


  1. Pick out the Right Colors

The color scheme that you might be pulled towards at the thought of an Art Deco interiors would be using blacks, whites, gold, and silver. Well, you wouldn’t be wrong. These are the Art Deco classics. Other options you could also explore are bright yellows, greens, blues, and reds, along with their deeper shades. These could be beautifully paired with softer furnishings of whites and beiges. Try to keep your bedroom in a softer tone so that you can add bolder Art Deco artworks.


9 Ways to Design an Art Deco Inspired Home Decor


  1. Luxurious Materials

Reflective and slick materials are given a lot of importance in the Art Deco style. They are a part of everyday glamour. Adding metallic pieces ranging from stainless steel and gold to chrome all aid in making a room feel luxurious. A modern Art Deco living room would feel empty without a lamp like the Art Deco Aliza Table Lamp. Glass is another material that is often used in an ideal Art Deco-inspired interior project. The


9 Ways to Design an Art Deco Inspired Home Decor


  1. Art Deco Tiles

Flooring is one of those aspects that needs to be perfected when thinking of Art Deco-inspired interiors. As we mentioned before, the classic colors are black and white. Tiles of these colors would look gorgeous in your bathroom or the hallway. A lacquered flooring, with its high-end shine, is essential for an Art Deco interior design.

In case you’re not in the mood to change the tiles that you have right now, just add rugs with bold geometric patterns. But hey, make sure it goes with your color scheme.  



9 Ways to Design an Art Deco Inspired Home Decor


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  1. Double Check the Theme

The original Art Deco theme would feature geometric and natural interior design ideas. On the contrary, modern Art Deco is a combination of branches, leaves, feathers, and animals all in stylized forms. So, if you’re opting for this type of style then you could feature a Beige or white wallpaper with a print of black feathers. In addition to this, you could have a rug with zebra print. These are statement pieces that will push the boundaries for your Art Deco-inspired home.


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  1. Art Deco Furniture is Bold

Art Deco is already about everything bold and in your face, so then why wouldn’t Art Deco furniture be the same? There is something extremely unique about the furniture, with its large scale and smooth lines. For an enchanting look, add an armchair with a scalloped design in a blush-colored velvet.


 9 Ways to Design an Art Deco Inspired Home Decor

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  1. Hint of Egyptian Style

Since the Art Deco style has a lot of elements from the Egyptian culture, you might want to consider adding them to your interiors as well. The use of their textiles and wallpapers influenced by their symbols, pyramids, color combinations, etc. is also a great way to go about it. This would give you the Egyptian style Art Deco interiors. Perfect for those who like to stand out!


9 Ways to Design an Art Deco Inspired Home Decor

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  1. Posh Looking and Feeling Fabrics

Sofas and chairs were all covered with soft fabrics in solid colors. At times, the fabric would have some kind of geometric print on it when used for a modern Art Deco-style home. And just because it sounds so simple doesn’t mean it is. If you were to add a bold color for the sofa, you could accessorize it with a geometric printed set of throw pillows. This would amplify the decor.


  1. Art Deco Lights and Accessories

An Art Deco style room is incomplete without the addition of soft light fixtures. Add gold table lamps in different locations to enhance the feel of an actual 1920’s home. These lights will add drama to your decor and give it that luxurious look that you wanted. Along with this, you also want to add mirrors. They’re a great feature that reflects the Art Deco style in its truth.  Highly decorated mirrors will give your home the expensive and polished look.


9 Ways to Design an Art Deco Inspired Home Decor

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  1. Free Your Artistic Expression

Now that you have read through this superb guide, you should know that adding that Art Deco style touch to your home interiors is not that tough. There are just a couple of touches here and there and voila! You’ve got the perfect home! Express yourself, don’t be afraid!


In the comments, tell us what you would do for your Art Deco-inspired home!

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