7 Indian Art Forms And Their Impact On Modern Art Scene

India is the land of art and culture. As one of the ancient civilizations, during the Harappa and Mohenjo Daro excavation- part of the eponymous Indus Valley Civilization, artifacts like paintings, sculptures, pottery, seals, and tablets with intricate artwork and deft craftsmanship was found.


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India is a diverse country with many different cultures and their expressions. Each art form is unique and has its own distinct style- some have survived the passage of time, while others have become part of our fabled history!


Popular Indian Art Form (Paintings)


There are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to Indian art forms- even within a particular style; there are different schools or styles. Let us read ahead and learn more about the more popular art forms:


Madhubani Painting


This art form is popular in present-day Bihar. Also known as Mithila art, it was practiced in the Kingdom of Janak in Nepal. Madhubani painting mostly consists of images of the mythological episodes, gods, flora, and fauna. Women mostly practice this art form.


Warli Painting


Found near the Western Ghats of India and dating back to 2500 BCE, it is one of the most ancient art forms. Practiced mainly by the Warli tribe, it mainly depicts the nature and social rituals of the tribes. What is extraordinary about this art form is the usage of geometric patterns- squares, triangles, and circles to depict different activities. The background in these paintings is of a darker hue, while the shapes are in white.


Miniature Paintings


These intricately stylized paintings date back to the 16th Century Mughal era and are heavily influenced by Persian art and culture. These paintings depict the court life, battles, hunting scenes, popular personalities of the court, and other epic stories of that time. 




It literally translates into” drawings done with a pen” and is more than 3000 years old. Two distinct styles of Kalamkari exist in India: ‘Machilipatnam’ and ‘Srikalahasti.’ Kalamkari is extremely popular in Andhra Pradesh, and it is the usage of organic paint in the process of hand and block painting. Currently, Kalamkari painting on clothing is a popular sartorial style, and it usually depicts scenes from epics like Ramayan and Mahabharata.


Tanjore Painting


This painting originated under the reign of the Chola Dynasty in the Thanjavur district of present-day Tamil Nadu. It is distinctive in style because of the use of gold foil in the paintings that lend these masterpieces its distinctive sheen. This painting style has influences from Marathi art, Deccan art, and European styles. The paintings are usually made on wooden planks and revolve around Hindu gods, goddesses, and saints.




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This art form is one of the oldest known and dates back to the 5th century and was prevalent in Odisha and West Bengal. This is a cloth-based scroll painting with sharp, angular, and bold lines. Pattachitra paintings depict religious and mythological themes and have a dominant color palette like red, black, yellow, white, and indigo.


Kalighat Painting


One of the more modern art forms, the Kalighat painting, became popular during the 19th century. It hails from Kolkata, in West Bengal, and initially, like all other art forms, it depicted scenes from mythology and epics. But the patriotic fervor took this art form in its grasp, and it became a vessel for social reform. This simple yet captivating art form upholds the beauty of the nuances of everyday life.


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