6 Valentine's Day Gift To Make Your Day Of Love Special

Valentine's day is here- the day for the lovers and those who believe in love! 14th February is one of the most hyped days of the year. From Hollywood rom-com movies to restaurants to shops- the entire world decks up to celebrate love. A recent report has shown that Valentine's day expenses are estimated to be around $23.9 billion. 

In these horrifying and troubling times, love sure is a unifier!

History of Valentine's day



The earliest instance of Valentine's day stems from a pagan ritual that dates back to the 6th century BC. The festival was known as Lupercalia, an ancient Roman festival honoring Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. It was a sexually charged and violent rite that involved sacrificing animals like dogs and goats as a symbol of virility.


The priests would anoint themselves in the blood of these sacrificed animals and whip nearby women because it was believed that this would help in women's fertility and procreation.


This pagan festival was replaced by a Christian celebration to commemorate the execution of a priest named Valentine in the reign of Emperor Claudius II, who was marrying young soldiers. (It was prohibited during this time, as it was believed that the soldiers would get distracted).


The pageantry and wooing of Valentine's day started in 1400 AD in France, under the reign of King Charles VI of France. It was the 1800s in America that started the present-day ritual of commercialization - gift giving, card exchange, and loads of chocolates!


What should you get your beloved this Valentine's day?


Hollywood has set our Valentine's day expectations up in the stars, and as much as roses, chocolates, and cards are special- they have become commonplace. If you are in a long-term relationship, you must have given these things multiple times to your partner. 


And if this is your first Valentine, you want to stand apart from the crowd and make your partner understand how special they are in your life.


So, scratching your head, wondering what can be the best Valentine's day gift?


Here is a list for you:



Depending on the seriousness of your relationship and your budget- you can gift your lady love jewelry. It can be an engagement ring, and there is nothing like going down on your knees with a ring. 

You can give chains, pendants, earrings, and even charm bracelets if you are a married couple. 

Those who are cash-strapped can even buy beautiful and affordable sterling silver jewelry.



If your partner is a tech geek, then this must be their best gift. Upgrade their existing mobile phone or buy them a new gadget! The options are endless. 


Decor Items

Home is where the heart is, and Valentine's day is the celebration of matters of the heart. Every time they see the knick-knacks around the house, they will be reminded of your love!


Minimalist Clear Glass Storage Containers - ₹1249

Your memories are precious, and so are the ingredients of your kitchen. These clear glass storage containers are sleek, and nothing like you have ever seen before. Your partner will love it for being utilitarian and purposeful.


Modern Art Linearity Clock- Small at ₹3999 and Large at ₹4499



There is nothing more precious than time, and the gift of time is what your beloved deserves! The Artment has a huge collection of clocks to choose from, and this one is one of our favorites.

Each time the clock strikes an hour, your partner will be reminded of your affection.

Always remember to spend time. It is more worthy than any gift you can ever give.


Bohemian Sunny Garden Hand-Embroidered Cushion Set- Starting from ₹1799

Cozy afternoons, snuggling with each other with a steaming cup of coffee, and watching your favorite movie- that seems like an ideal date. These vibrate cushions will help set the mood, and next time you are not at home, it will bring a smile to your wife's face. 

The best Valentine's day gift that will be forever cherished.


Hazel Mosaic Mirror- at ₹7,999.

You look breathtaking together, and this mirror will be a testament to that! Stand close- shoulder to shoulder as you prepare yourself to dazzle the world together and hand in hand! Mirrors are also a good omen for your house and your relationship. Get one today!


Minimalist Glass Flower Petal Bowl- starting at ₹699



Cook your partner's favorite food, or you can even swiggy it (for those with limited culinary skills). Serve it in these exquisite bowls, and they will remember it forever. Even Maggi will taste delicious when made by you!


We hope you have a lovely valentine's day, and these tips help you make it fantastic!


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